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just play — and pick your photos last!

just play — and pick your photos last!

Today i am honored to share a layout from the talented Mahlin Wiggur…she got to playing with the Color Magic stuff, and created this gorgeous layout featuring her son…

I asked Mahlin to tell me a little bit about her project, and her process which I just found fascinating- as it’s a bit the opposite of mine!

Here’s how she describes her creative process:

“I know a lot of people scrap to remember, to tell a story.. I don´t. For me, scrapbooking is about the creating part and the keeping of memories is just an added bonus. I scrap because I love the creative process.. When I create a layout, like this one, I start with picking out all the supplies that “speak” to me.. regardless of which collection or matching possibilities.. then I just create with what I have there.. I follow the creative process.. When I am almost finished.. Then, as a last step.. I start looking for a photo to add.. and then I look for one that will look good with the layout I created, regardless if it has a story to tell.. This time I found a photo with my son, soon to be 4 years. His jacket had great colors to match the layout, so I went with it. The story behind the photo, well, My son loves being in the woods.. playing, collecting things. And here in sweden we are fortunate to have a lot of great woods and beautiful nature to go to. So the title of my layout is “SKOG” which means Woods.. 

That´s my process.. picking the photo last… I am all about the creativity, playing with colors, having fun!”

i’m intrigued

While Mahlin’s approach is so different than mine, I felt quite intrigued by it! I have gone about assignments in this manner before, but it’s not my typical! But what a FREEDOM from the norm. what a chance to relax, play and experiment!

I do love how this project turned out. I just love all the colors that she has used I the background- and I love all the different layers and textures she has put together to create the framework for this photo!. (isn’t that the cutest little ski jacket on her son!?)  take a close look at her detail shots, and see the mixture of acrylic paint, color inks and mists…

i dare you!

So, here goes… I dare you to try Mahlin’s approach. PLAY!! Have fun! Don’t think about the photo first… add it at the end- allow it to be part of the finished product, and pleasing to the eye! I think I’ll give it a go!

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