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kicking off the holidays!

kicking off the holidays!

It’s Sunday night, and the kids are all in bed, and I have finally had a chance to sit down and evaluate the last week, and think/plan for a new week. I can NOT believe that November is ½ over! (gasp)…  i am not sure how I feel about that!, other than I just feel freaked out about how the time seems to be slipping by so quickly!

Today kicks off the first day of the newest Mouse Paper Scissors class: GIVE at www.jessicasprague.com In fact, THE Jessica Sprague was here in town for the weekend and I got to spend a little time with her—she is so amazing.

We had a great time. We even got to squeeze in a little inspiration shopping and some yummy restaurants! ( UGH, blew my diet).  Seeing all the amazing, GORGEOUS and sparkly Christmas décor was so fun…


got my little creative ideas buzzing! If you get a few minutes, and you can browse through a yummy smelling Christmas boutique…you’ll be glad you did!  It was great to have some ‘girl time’. The weather is definitely matching the season: chilly, flurries, leaves swirling.  The only redeeming quality of this cold weather is the fact that it warrants scarves.  I have quite a collection! But this one is my favorite:


So, tonight I was watching “Facing the Giants” on TV… have you ever seen this movie? I think I have seen bits of pieces of it… but I watched it twice tonight. It’s really inspiring, and so filled with truth, and wonderful insight.  And things, that I think that I needed to hear tonight:

  1. make sure you know what your purpose is.
  2. If you accept defeat, that is what you will get
  3. Your actions will always follow your belief.
  4. We are here on this earth to honor God. Give Him your best.
  5. do not fear.


It’s definitely not my ‘thing’ to watch football movies… but there was one part in particular that is really sticking with me. There is a guy that tells a story of 2 farmers that both needed rain. Both decided to pray for rain, but only one of the farmers went out to prepare his fields to receive the rain.  He asked…which farmer had faith that God would hear his prayers? (of course the answer being the one that prepared for rain). And then the question: which farmer are you?


………………….and, in all things praise God. 

It’s a good movie to share with your family. This afternoon, we were all cuddled up on my bed watching, and it even opened up a chance to talk about some of the valuable lessons. I am thankful for those kinds of moments. Some good thoughts to carry with me into this week. (as I am mentally preparing for the holidays!)


Here’s to a great week… MAKE it great…

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