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kinsey wilson's awesome san francisco memory file project!

kinsey wilson's awesome san francisco memory file project!

You might remember that in May I was the ‘guest designer’ over at Studio Calico– as a few of my new products were included in May’s kits—in fact, one of the kit add-on’s included an entire set of my Color Magic Memory Files! Of course, I had to create a Memory File for one of my gallery projects- and the file that I created was about a one-day trip to San Francisco… and I LOVED how it turned out! I was so excited to share it! (remember this?… to see it again, click here) Well, Kinsey Wilson is one of the ‘regulars’ over at Studio Calico, and even before I saw her AMAZING project, April Foster (owner of SC) told me that I was going to LOVE her take on a Memory File. –when I did see it, I was BLOWN AWAY! I loved it so much!  I studied her project… the cool baseball card page protector insert filled with fab little snipits; the fabulous titles on the inside covers; the unique take on the cover with the hexagon dots…the subtle but effective sewing detail. This one is just a big WOW to me.

SO, I emailed Kinsey, and asked her to give me the low down on what she did, and how she did it. I just LOVE to get inside people’s heads, and learn from their genius! Kinsey absolutely DISHED on her process, and I feel so inspired… so… thank you Kinsey… take it away

Kinsey’s Project

Hey everyone! I’m so excited to get to share a little of the method to my madness in my San Francisco Memory File with you today! I was so excited when I saw that a full set of Memory Files were included in the May Studio Calico add on kit and immediately knew what I wanted to do with it.

As with most of my projects, I have a picture in my mind of how it will turn out and very rarely does that match up with the end product, ha! This one was no exception. Initially, I was going to use the file only and attach my photos directly to it so that it would essentially be a double page layout with covers. I had a lot of instagram photos from our half-day road trip to SF and I kept trying to conjure up a layout idea that would accommodate so many pics…that was a toughie. So I changed my approach and took inspiration from an instagram album that I made a few months ago using coin protectors. I decided to alter the Memory File by adding in a baseball card page protector to create a single paged mini album. I figured this would be a fun way to squeeze 18 mini ‘pages’ into one Memory File. Each pocket of the page protector was a separate page and I was surprised at how quickly each one came together.

(Tip: for the bulkier embellishments and alpha stickers, I added those to the outside of the protector so that the sleeves don’t pucker.)

Big titles are my favorite these days and I love that the inside of the folder is matte, so rather than using the outside cover for the title, I ended up using that surface to mask and mist my title (before attaching the page protector to the file). I penciled in guidelines on the inside front and back cover (about 3.5 inches from the fold crease) and then used my silhouette software to create and cut 2 large title cut files (for the front and back- San Francisco on the front and the date on the back) using eclipse masking paper. The masking paper is thin and has repositionable adhesive on one side and is awesome for custom masks. I adhered the masks along the penciled guidelines and then used Mister Huey’s to spray all around the title. (I also used my heat gun to speed up the drying time so I could remove the mask without smudging anything- I’m impatient like that.)

Once that dried completely, I added the baseball card page. I started by covering the 3 ring binder holes of the protector with a strip of patterned paper because let’s face it, the binding strip isn’t that cute. Next, I used some clear packing tape and added a strip to one side of the patterned paper binding and then attached that to the inside cover of the folder so that it creates a ‘hinge’ for the page to turn or flip. I repeated the process on the back side of the protector binding as well and then covered the packing tape with patterned paper that lined up with the masked titles and stitched it into place for stability.

One of my favorite things about the Memory Files is that they are truly and completely customizable. Products that have endless possibilities are my very favorite and I love that the files are just as gorgeous dressed up as they are in their base form. I had so much fun playing with the covers on this one…and that’s another part of this project that ended up differently than I originally planned. I was going to mist the entire cover gray but I grabbed a paintbrush instead and ‘colored’ in a few of the hexagons with mist and I love the result.

So that’s my take on the fabulous Memory Files! I had a blast working with them and sharing the end results with you 🙂

Thanks for sharing, Kinsey! Amazing project! – heidi


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