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labor day weekend: making family memories

labor day weekend: making family memories

I will be honest, I am not a big fan of the Monday holiday- Monday is MY DAY to get a hold on my week, and so when it gets sucked into a holiday weekend, I feel like I miss out on that big kick off day, and it just throws me right off!  However, I wouldn’t trade the crazy fun-filled weekend that we have just had, even though as I sit and type…my house is a huge mess from top to bottom and no bathrooms got cleaned, and the laundry didn’t wash itself!  I have heard that old saying, that  ‘no one died wishing they would have spent more time cleaning’  (or something like that). Our kids have only been back in school for 10 days, but we were all happy to take a little break (already).  The dynamic of our family is changing…fast. We have always had the challenge of finding activities that everyone could participate in, and even though the littles are getting bigger, and more able to keep up, it’s still so hard to create family opportunities that everyone enjoys.

As the weekend kicked off, I felt pretty wiped out- Thurs and Friday I spent filming 12 upcoming episodes for My Craft Channel… and yea, the 10 hours of studio time is tiring, but nothing compared to the several days/nights of prep! I really just felt depleted. I got a good solid night’s sleep on Friday night, and by the time Sat morning came, I was ready to play, and ‘re-set’.

Luckily, Eric is always game for an adventure…so we decided to load up all 7 bikes on, and in our car, (ok, so that was like a 3 hour process of finding all our gear, rigging the 2 different racks, changing and pumping all the tires) and google the perfect ‘family friendly’ bike trails.

I wanted to check out “Swiss Days”  (best scones every) which is a huge arty/crafty/food-filled boutique in beautiful Heber, Utah…so we found a great spot for our ride in Heber. After an  hour and a rain storm at Swiss Days, we hit the trails, and found some serious mud puddles.

Despite it being our first full-family bike ride… and don’t worry, plenty of tears and complaints (coming from different parties), after it was all said and done, everyone had a great time, and we were all covered in mud!  Dinner was a celebratory (and for sure a reward) combo of Jimmy Johns sandwiches and Thai Take out.

We needed a ‘day of rest’ on Sunday, and managed to make it to 9am church and enjoy a nice afternoon nap…So we were ready to roll on Monday morning for another fun filled day. (insert groans and complaints< won’t name names)  Our day started with a potluck family party in the park! I didn’t take a single photo (how lame am i), but my contribution to the party was a mini Belgium Waffle bar. We loaded up our double sided waffle maker and cooked up waffles right there at the park. We had cinnamon apples, yummy warm fresh peaches, and fresh berries to top them with. (didn’t make enough!).

Next stop: we headed up to our family cabin and spent the afternoon enjoying the gorgeous fall leaves and some 4-wheeling!

i’m Happy we snuck another day of perfect weather up and away!

By dinner time we were off and running, heading to Brigham City to attend the open house for the NEW Brigham City temple.  Once an LDS temple is complete, before it’s officially put to use, and dedicated, the church opens it up so anyone and walk through and see all the different rooms etc. The kids were excited to SEE inside!

The thing I have learned is that even though my kids might put up a fight…there will be complaining, fighting, name calling, frustrations- they won’t help in the way that would actually be help, and if Eric and I weren’t determined to spend time together, and MAKE FUN…MAKE memories, it would be SO easy to just give up. We find ourselves looking at each other and using our non-verbal communication to power each other through the challenges of #FamilyFun!  These kinds of activities are bonding, and important to building family relationships! But it’s just as important to make sure these activities, and family times together gets DOCUMENTED, so it will be remembered!  I had fun taking TONS of photos, and taking mental notes about what I wanted to remember. I am happy to have a BUNCH Of photos, and fun memories to inspire some Pretty Stuff!!

And now, back to the grindstone! here’s to a great week!


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