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lagoon fun

lagoon fun


Summer is just a whole different animal! and i am trying to totally adapt my thinking! as i mentioned, i have realized that i am not going to get my quiet, alone, productive time at night… it can only be found in the early morning hours… people- this is NOT my thing! i am NOT into the morning… but when i do wake up early, it's SO worth it!!

and the cleaning of the house is just a joke! we get up and get all the chores, and cleaning done- and by post lunch, it's completely trashed… i can't seem to keep up with it at all… so do you just give in and say "whatever"… stop being uptight about it?

yesterday-(friday) our plan was to get to Lagoon by about noon, and stay until early evening- of course, i had a few things crop up, and had to complete a couple tasks before we could leave for the day- the kids were anxious … we got to Lagoon and had a BLAST! that is FUN to me! even if it was just watching the thrill on the faces of the kids… i LOVE it! and it was so nice not feeling like we had to be there from open to close to get our money's worth- that was awesome… i think that just doing whatever it is that is FUN to you is SO important! i think that w/ a family it's hard to find something that feels fun for everyone! i feel grateful that we have something that everyone is equally excited about!  of course, having FUN is more complicated that it used to be! now, we have to plan it and prepare and execute. but it's worth it!  i didn't take my camera this time, so i think that i'll have to choose a time that we go and really work to get some great photos, but i just snapped a couple w/ my phone yesterday- we left soaked from the "Rattlesnake Rapids" and that whole running through the fountain on the way out (cause you are already wet from the river ride)… and everyone was exhausted and slept good. Sometimes, it's just about wearing everyone out! i think that it was only like 88 degrees, which was just perfect! you can't beat Utah in the summer!

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