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last day of fun…

last day of fun…

It’s Tuesday night, and I leave Cape Town tomorrow morning, to start my long journey home. I think my travel time is about 36 total hours. Loving that! (lots of quiet productive hours!) I am ready to be home! 10 days is just too long…I am sure that Eric would agree (wink).  I today was an awesome day, despite waking up to serious rain clouds and cold, windy conditions… we went up the coast and hit some super cute shops and then onto Fish Hoek where we saw real live penguins that just live there on the beach. They were so cute! So fun to watch. What a highlight… I also ate fish and chips for the first time today! i am not a fish eater, but I was assured that I HAD to try, and that is was THE THING to do just there… so I did indulge! And they had Mountain Dew at this little fisherman’s spot… it’s mainly a ‘locals’ place, so it was most enjoyable. I even ate it doused in vinegar and salt! I am feeling ‘cape townian’ already!  We did a little more shopping in the evening (mother’s day may 11th! Don’t forget!—I am lucky enough to have my mother with me this year on mother’s day! can’t wait). It also happens to be miss quincy’s birthday on may 11th!  Gasp!
I am also including some photos of yesterday’s adventure up to the top of Table Top mountain. We rode up on a cable car. Stunning view from the top. And good hot chocolate there too!
(this is the hotel we are staying at here in cape town… SO beautiful!)



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