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last day of schooL!

last day of schooL!

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HOW AWESOME IS THIS?? (school field day) – we didn't have anything NEAR this fantastic on our last day of school when i was little! although, i can TOTALLY remember the feeling that you get on the last day of school… just being SO filled with the anticipation of SUMMER!! no waking up early, no school, long days! in my memory, it ranks up there with Christmas Eve!  man, all day i have been feeling like i needed to break out the "high school musical 2" or "Grease" – but i have resisted… although i am sure that Friday night "GIRLS MOVIE NIGHT" may be singing  some "HSM".( i am a little embarrassed to say that i love it!) LOL. i think that i might be a little jealous, that i don't share the same sense of relief and joy that my kids are feeling- no one is giving me 3 months off from my responsibilities! but (sigh) those were the good old days!– it's official! SUMMER IS here for the Swapp family!  YAY!!

today… we did something that i have fantasized about since i was a little girl… something that is SO SUMMER to me, i can hardly stand it… and something that since WHO KNOWS how long we'll be right here in UTAH, we have to live it up!! WE GOT SUMMER PASSPORTS TO LAGOON!!!!  AHHH!!! yay!! i LOVE roller coasters! the faster, scarier, more upside-down the better! and as fate would have it, my offspring love it as much as i do!! Lagoon is the local amusement park- it's so classic! it's got a water park, and upside down rides and cotton candy- the works!  and i love that now we can just go for a couple hours and ENJOY it all summer! THIS is so exciting for me (grinning ear to ear!) i am a dork- so now i have admitted that i love HSM and Lagoon!! (no open toed shoes, that gets you every time!)


SO, how are you celebrating summer?! hopefully you are dreaming, anticipating and planning some fun adventures! hopefully you are planning on doing some scrapbooking of those adventures along the way with Janet and i!! did you see what Janet made today w/ the Summer Printable kit from last night? super cute! you can get the Summer Printable kit HERE to make one too! 

well, to get your creative juices going, and a little extra motiviation to CREATE… here is a BIG offer for THIS WEEKEND ONLY from House of 3.com:


the offer is only good on "downloadable" products, and will end on Sunday night. and if you need a few suggestions on what to grab… here you go!:

Summer Overlay Printable kit

Summer Captions Kit

Summer Overlay kit (digital files)

Graphix shaped pages kit

Tough Stuff Printables

World's Greatest (for dad)

Summer Printable kit

Collage Story Board kit

White rounded corners frame kit

House of 3 Dingbat font

(quick cards) Fold Over kit

ok… i will stop!! so many fabulous things!! ENJOY!! have fun SHOPPING!

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