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last day…pics

last day…pics


Last day, and hopefully- it really is the last day! our
flight is early, early and we are packed and ready to go! What a day we have
had… I just have to share these photos- you know, usually I think that I can
sorta capture at least the feeling that I have in a place… but today- I feel
like I was unable to do what I was seeing with my eyes any kind of justice with
my camera! –and while these are some great photos, the reality is so much more
amazing and beautiful and indescribable! I have never seen anything like this!


The day started with a happy surprise! We went up to
breakfast and our new friends- Jane and Stu were there eating breakfast as
well! We all got a good laugh!  The
view from the fifth floor of the hotel was spectacular and the backdrop for breakfast! (that is the view above)-and that is Mt. Viscuvious that erupted on Pompeii in the background


I really wanted to visit the Island of Capri- you know,
because I have a ‘Capri’!! i think I have said this, but I like to tell people
that she is named from the Island and not the pants! LOL. All we have heard is
how beautiful it is there…so we got on a ferry and took the 20min boat ride
across the sea.  Capri is a robust,
and delightfully CUTE place! 




There were tons of people even though it’s not
‘high’ season. Tucked throughout the most tiny narrow streets are the most
amazing and inspiring little shops. I kept seeing these little shops that make
sandals and adorned them in all kinds of jewels! I really wanted some but they
were 75 euros… and I am sure there are some just as cute at target for summer!


After we walked up and down and explored, we found a spot
and ate our last pizza. It was delicious. Fabulous.



It was time to hurry back to Sorrento and met up w/ our
driver who was hired to take us on a bit of a tour.


We didn’t know where- or
what – but you could tell that for some reason he knew we would love what he
had to show us. and indeed- he was right! What he had to show us was
spectacular! And these photos are my best attempt…





Eric… my sweet… I wish you were here with me!! you would
LOVE it!



Last story, and then goodnight..

We got to our less-than-spectacular hotel here by the
airport, and about 7:30pm decided that we needed some food- so we talked to the
front desk, and they recommended a spot- but it’s not safe for us to walk
there… and so they called and asked them to come and pick us up. one of the
cooks shows up in a fiat that is rocking the loud music and we took off. Not too
far but definitely through a rough neighborhood. We got to this place- we were the
ONLY ones there to eat- there was no menu- he just offered us some options in Italian
and wendy and I just looked at each other and laughed! They made us a Caprese
salad and Brushetta… and some weird pasta plate that I was really too full to
eat, and then the crazy cook took us home. He told us his name was ‘Cheeto’. …
what a great adventure to end on! And now we sleep… excited to head home!

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