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Last night in Paris…

Last night in Paris…


Up until today, we have been staying at a hotel about a 30
minute drive away from the city, and since tonight is our last night, and
tomorrow morning, our last chance to get out and walk the streets a bit…we
opted to change hotels and stay right in the heart of downtown Paris! One thing
that Wendy and I have in common., is our deep love and affection of the Westin
Hotels…and here we are! YAY… we melted when we arrived. Such a beautiful lobby!


We were stunned by the chandeliers that 
have this metallic cylindrical fabric piece around them and creates
these AWESOME shadows. We loved every detail down to the fabrics in the lobby
lounge and the smell…   then we arrived in our room to THIS breath taking view!! HELLO!! i took this about 4pm out the window of our room! it looks like a postcard (if i do say so!) … the sky is a bit foggy, but it's not raining…YAY.


We still had one more day of demo-ing in the Kars booth, and
we remained busy throughout the day… it seemed like today people were more
interested in specific techniques-taking notes, etc. I must say, that the
Glimmer mist can seem a little overwhelming with all the things you can do! I
LOVE to demo the screens- I think I am up to 5 different techniques to teach!
(I feel like such a pro!) it’s fun to watch wendy… cause she is so confident as
she whips out sample after sample…and she doesn't make NEAR the mess i do! 

After the show we caught a taxi back to downtown and I
managed to grab a cat nap while we crawled through the gnarly city traffic. We
bundled up knowing that we wanted to just go out and wander….that is my
FAVORITE thing to do in a big city… just walk through the streets, no where in
particular…window shopping and hopefully just taking it all in, and allowing
the inspiration to work it’s magic. I was actually quite surprised what was
catching my eye. 

Not long after we started walking we found a Crepe street
vendor, and we got a Nutella and banana …I had been WAITING for this… you know
the ones they cook right in front of you in a blast of steam and wrap up for
you to go! SOOO GOOD.




look at that face. sheer joy!
-funny story… we were eating and walking, and we went into a
shop with this amazing plates and dinnerware and a few other very interesting
items, and the shop keeper (youngish guy) looked at me and kinda gave me a
weird gesture …something about my food, and I figured that I needed to leave
and not have food in the shop…so I sorta started to retreat, and he pulled out
a roll of paper towels and handed me one so I could wipe off the CHOCOLATE all
over my face!! LOL


after a bit more walking around, we found a little café w/
heat lamps where we could sit outside… because what is Paris if you can’t sit
outside and people watch! We had some delicious French Onion Soup… it was
wonderful! we were sitting just opposite this hotel- the Louve is right behind there.


We got back to the hotel just in time to watch the beautiful
light display that happens on the Eiffell Tower only at the top of each hour,
that is visible through our window… so awesome!


ok, so i mentioned the sparkly lights on the eiffel tower.. here is a little video-



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