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i should just go to bed, but i am kinda enjoying the quiet. i was just looking through my photos of halloween, and even though i walked around w/ my camera over my shoulder, i didn't snap many shots.  

Trickortreati only took photos of Capri and Connor- i guess cause they were hanging out with me! all the big kids were off w/ their friends and in a hurry to do their thing! man, what would i do without these little people!? i am not ready for the groups of girls coming to the door looking for Colton and Cory… nor am i ready to start wanting to go to bed before my kids even come home! 

i am so lucky to have these two… they are so much fun to have around, and they say the cutest things!  i got Connor a pair of new shoes last week, and he is wearing an 8 now. for some reason, that freaked me out. same day, Colton pulled on my running shoes and pointed out that we are the same size.  (what?!)… i did warn him about not putting his stinkers in my shoes!  kids are funny… i think that i am feeling a bit overwhelmed.. 

one thing at a time. 

i have a full, and challenging week ahead… all good things-and it requires organization and clear thinking. two things that are NOT my strengths! HA… but  a monday starting on a 1st day of the month is pretty killer! and what a wonderful, beautiful, exciting month November is. so much to look forward to!   

welcome monday- let's rock this week!


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