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We have awoken to a fantastically beautiful day here in
Brisbane! Well, I am still sitting in the hotel bed, and the lights are off,
and we are all just catching up on some emails- but the sun is beating on the
blinds, and shining through- the BIRDS sound amazing!! I wonder how many
different kinds of birds are sitting right outside ! we are getting ready to go
to the Steve Erwin Zoo today! So excited!

One of the funny things about being away- is the emails i 
get from my kids! I just have to share this cause it was a total CRACK up!! –so
Colton had been asking me for a rugby shirt… and I was telling him that they
are just way too expensive! –so he was going to have to be happy about just a
t-shirt… so this is what he said in return:


“K but it better have like a kangaroo on the front of it!!
Like one of those signs on the right hand side! You know what? keep your money
and when you get back we can just go buy the colored shirt that the jersey is
an then we can Yudu onto it!! I am an Instein but I don't think I spelled his
name right. Haha


Love from my heart to yours…
Dadaddooooodddodododododdadadadadddasdadd jazz hands…. YYAA! haha


Please write back A.S.A.P.”


So I don’t really know where that all came from!! How funny
is that ?? “keep your money” that was funny!………i'll be back later w/ Kangaroo pics!!

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