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learning new stuff

learning new stuff

it's interesting how we are all so effected by the 'economic crisis'… every conversation, headline, transaction has some kind of spin based on opinions/concerns etc. no one is immune it seems. as i was discussing w/ another expat friend, she mentioned that 'tough times bring about good ideas, and creative solutions'. i must agree. i have found myself immersed in change, growth and that has lead to learning. looking and finding creative solutions! takes time to learn stuff. but i am loving it actually! i have to thank rhonna for helping me along… and being a huge inspiration to me. anyway.. this represents some of my experiments… this is what was (and usually is) going on around me as i have my computer in my lap! or capri is "combing" my hair, and putting clips in, connor is throwing balls at my head… lol. it's not my most ideal learning envoirnment… but you just have to 'make it work'.

Happy capri

Happy capri2

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