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Letterboard I Make A Statement

Letterboard I Make A Statement

I recently just celebrated my birthday a few weeks ago, and like on all birthdays…I try to make some time to reflect.  I love to think back to the years past and then at the same time look ahead.  I always love to set an intention for the brand new year that lies ahead.  What will I focus on?  What matters to me in my life right now?  What has not been working?  What has?  These are all questions that I love to think about and ponder as I become one year older in this crazy thing we call life!

Like most things for myself, with reflecting comes documenting.  I always need to document my birthday in some way and this year, I decided to create a mantra on my Letterboard.

Letterboard Photo Prop I @lindsaybateman for @heidiswapp

I am seriously addicted to my Letterboard.  It is such an amazing tool and decor piece that allows you to add fun fresh statements into your space.  Not only can it be customized to say ANYTHING you want to say…there are TONS of fonts and icons in all sizes and colours that really allow your creativity to shine.  You can see the entire Letterboard collection here.

Letterboard Photo Prop I @lindsaybateman for @heidiswapp

When using my Letterboard some of my favourite ways to create statements are to:

*Mix fonts and font sizes

*Add in a handwritten letterboard word amongst type text for extra emphasis and wow factor

*Mix and alternate colours of alphabets and icons

*Add in icons

Letterboard Photo Prop I @lindsaybateman for @heidiswapp

This message above was bookmarked on my Instagram feed for awhile and I always loved it.  It really captures me right now and where my heart and mind is at.  I thought it would make a perfect Letterboard message in honour of my birthday.

Letterboard Photo Prop I @lindsaybateman for @heidiswapp

I love that with my Letterboard I can keep this very powerful message on display to serve and remind me of so many important things that matter.  Getting older may not always be the most fun, or easy…but if we honour and acknowledge it in meaningful and creative ways…it may just not be that bad after all!  Age is after all, nothing but a number! 😉

Supplies: Heidi Swapp Letterboard Collection



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