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lindsay rocks turning 30 with no limits!

lindsay rocks turning 30 with no limits!

today i want to share with you the No Limits memory file that Lindsay Bateman created and submitted as just part of her application for the new media team. we shared her instagram matchbook mini with you last week as part of her overall introduction …. but today, we’re going to take some time to GETAWAY with Lindsay on her special las vegas birthday trip via her amazing Memory file….

I’m going to let Lindsay walk us through her FULL and beautifully photographed project …. enjoy!!

Turning 30 and a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada with my husband and family was the perfect memory to document with the No Limits collection.  I knew I had a lot of “stuff” I wanted to incorporate into my project so a memory file book was the perfect option. I needed a place that housed a lot of photos, but that also was able to tell the story….  A place where I could have a lot of space dedicated to journaling about the various moments, memories and highlights we all shared together.

I used a No Limits Memory File and trimmed it down to a 6 x 6 size & added more interactivity by creating a “flap” on the cover.  I LOVE interactivity and added surprises as I find they add a bit of “character” to  projects.  I enjoy that Memory Files can be easily altered, changed and adjusted to fit your personal project.  From trimming them, to adding pages, to making flaps etc etc. they are so so versatile. Truly an amazing way to document your memory the exact way you want it to be and make your project a reflection of YOU!

The inside of the album was created by trimming various No Limits papers to random sizes, scoring and folding them down the middle and then using my sewing machine to sew down the spine to hold them together.  This is probably my FAVOURITE way to create handmade mini albums. It is so easy and cost effective, and looks amazing too.  Once that was completed, I then sewed them into the memory file.  Now I began to create the inside page details.

My favourite technique that I used for this album is definitely the journaling cards.  These were created in Photoshop utilizing Heidi Swapp’s digital design elements from her No Limits Collection and Sugar Chic collection.  To create these journaling cards I opened a new document in Photoshop, sized it to 4 x 6 and then added the digital elements as titles for my cards.  I personalized the titles by added descriptions such as “turning 30”, “moments” and “gratitude fills my heart in these moments” and also changing the colours of the digital elements as well.  I printed out the 4 x 6 journaling cards on my home printer & added stamping to the edges of the cards using Heidi Swapp’s Memory File Clear Stamps.  hey were the perfect added touch to giving the cards a finished and completed look.

The last little technique that I loved and incorporated into this file was making the personalized little notebooks that are found on the inside flap of the cover.  I trimmed down a page protector to the size I needed, sewed around the edges of the protector and down the middle and then adhered it to the cover.  Then I created two little mini books that can house more journaling or photos.  To create these books all I did was trim down a page of No Limits Paper to the size I needed (2 1/2 x 3 inches folded) and added plain graph paper as the inside pages.  I sewed down the middle of these books, embellished the front of them with stamping, washi tape and paper banners.  They tuck neatly inside the page protectors and add an extra little interactive feature to the piece.

What can I say? The memory file concept is INCREDIBLE.  I had so much fun creating the project too, it just came together for me so naturally. I guess that is not hard to do when the collection you are using is simply phenomenal.

pretty amazing, right? this was just one of the 587 reasons that i knew in my heart that Lindsay was going to be a phenomenal member of my new media team!

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