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"little black dress" happy-anniversary-fun!

"little black dress" happy-anniversary-fun!

i just had to share what i made last night…in celebration of the LBD happy FIRST anniversary... they sent me their GORGEOUS March "Black Tie Love Affair"… this kit is SO beautiful – black & white vintage vibe.. and just wait until you see the BUTTONS! they are delish…  i need to make some finishing touches on the inside of this CLEVER book.. just wait, you will be so inspired!  i put it togehter using a new TOOL FACINATion i have!! so i just got the new iBOND cordless (battery operated) glue gun from Imaginise… holy cow, i LOVE not having a cord! hellO! i had no idea how annoying the cord is.. LOL



i just can't wait to show you more of this… and a little how to! … so in CELEBRATION of this momentus occasion: Little Black Dress will be giving away one of these AWESOME glue guns, along with an imaginice "petal roller"… and i'll show you how freakishly cool this little tool is as well!!  check out this month's celebration kit: it's so fabulous… you know how much i love black and white.. this has some red touches, as well as a little GREEN, i'm sure so it won't get PINCHED!! (wink) 


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