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Little Black Dress playtime!

Little Black Dress playtime!

i got this in the mail a couple weeks ago…. The November Kit from Little Black Dress kit club

i like to play with kits every now and then to just have some "free play"… no pressure, just let my creativity go! i really like the Little Black Dress kits.. i think that it's fun to get so many UNIQUE things.. they seem to gather stuff … one of a kind type vintage things – it's hard to really tell what is in a kit when you just get one shot… so here are some of the cool details..

Papers i love this… total of 4 different sizes and types of vintage papers…


this just makes you want to turn on some christmas music!? (WAIT NO!!! i am not an early-to-turn-on-christmas-music type)… LOL! there is a gorgeous yellow paper in there too- not pictured.

Buttons lookie at all these yummy  buttons, embellishments… even a cool hat pin and vintage odds and ends..

IMG_8490 this whole set is made by Glitz Girls, and is like vintage re-productions.. they are SO coo, and totally unique as well! i LOVE those b&w girls..

Quick card
i made a cute little "lets go to lunch" card…  i used this flower:


and this sparkly tulle is AMAZING! i loved it! it's so shimmery in real life..

Tulle bow

on this scrapbook page i used the tulle in 2 places… for this cute little 'bow tie' look… and also here as a ruffle:

Top page here is a look at the scrapbook page i created… of course, i was so excited to find a piece of Parisian Anthology in the kit- i used some Crushed Olive and Pumice Stone Distress…


i took this photo of my 2 nephews loving on their new little sister… here Cache was kissing her toes, and look at how content she is!  they love her so much! it's the cutest thing- she is gorgeous- you can't not adore her.

i really loved the ruffled ribbon in the kit- (under the word sister)- the upper right corner of the photo- was one of those Glitz Girls vintage card repoduction things- it's printed on this awesome like- heavy weight coverstock- and i love the look of it sanded… i thought that was fun- that corner.

ok, so this is something made specifically for my little family- it's a "surprise" chore chart… – we have regular 'daily' chores.. and a pretty regiemented job schedule… but you know how you always have like 'bigger' or more 'one-time' type jobs- Saturday stuff… SO… here is what i was thinking- i could put certain jobs under these flaps, and then people can pick a number, and get assigned whatever is under that flap!  we have to make everything into a game around here… maybe i need to get a black velvet bag like on Project Runway!


this is the side view.. they are just attatched to the backer by simply folding one edge (top edge) over, and adhering that edge-

Side chart i think that this concept would work for maybe… recipies… or some kind of countdown… advent etc…. the number page is perfect for this..

this is the last little piece that i created… i must say- i love it! i am going to give it to quincy- and put photos of her w/ her friends…  she LOVES her friends… she will LOVE this little book! there are about 5 pages in it… i made it from a 6" chipboard circle, and a chipboard stand- so it stands up like a picture frame, but has pages like a mini-book. i punched a hole at the top- and instead of using a brad- i used a screw w/ a cap, and also a picture frame holder that i dangled the Teresa Collins Bling from on the front.  Now the very front of this book is some of the House of 3 Wall art… But i think i can arrange to make that a download from House of 3! so cute… easily printed on Acetate- this is mounted on some Bazzill plastic paper for the cover.

Frame front

i am going to have to take some photos to put in this book… maybe i can have that done for chrismtas! Circle page fans i had so much fun playing around with this kit! thanks so much to Little Black Dress… for sending me a box of their goodness!! to order the kit go to their website: to order the November kit!  of course… you could swing it all christmassy… or, it's also got great combos for 'all-purpose' anytime projects… i think that kits like this make awesome Christmas presents… this one would be a great one to put under the tree, and then on Christmas afternoon/evening spread out and make Christmas pages and minibooks with! 

i always like to mix stuff i have in with the kits… i guess that is the magic of scrapbooking- look through your stash, and pull out things that have been tucked away, and forgotten… and work them into a project! those colors look great… i just love how yellow can be so bright and cheery in the spring, and so warm and inviting in the fall!


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