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live recap!

live recap!

I guess that when you get the internet at the place that you are moving to (finally), then you can be “officially” moved in! doesn’t matter how long you have been sleeping there, or if the washer and dryer are hooked up… nope, none of that matters- it’s all about the internet!  Well, I am happy to report that:

1. I officially have internet, and I no longer have to pilfer internet from the “unnamed” wireless signal coming from one of my neighbors…


2. I think that have cleaned out my last box of stuff that I need to PURGE out… and have created a few more grab boxes… so these will be the last. They have all kinds of random stuff. You can go HERE to check them out.  There are 2 sizes of boxes… the smaller boxes we packed on Saturday- and they have lots of paper and a few random things-  they are $20 (including shipping). and the Larger ones, have lots of good stuff- more masks, even a glimmer mist tuti fruiti, die cuts, inks, ribbons, etc.etc… those larger boxes are $35 (including shipping).  And I am even parting with my Zebra purse!! (unused- I forgot I had it…I guess I can live w/out it!)



Last night’s show was SO much fuN!… it was a GREAT kick off for 2011.(watch it here)


Rhonna and I broadcasted the show from her fantastically inspiring studio with the help of her husband Jeff (you did an awesome job jeff!!)  we got to share our NEWEST addition to the House… the “Remarkable” kit! The Remarkable kit is all about celebrating life! The daily, weekly, monthly life! As we were thinking about this coming year, we decided that it’s not about “starting over”… but more about taking what you have, and making it fabulous, happy and well, remarkable!  We started thinking about “re” words.. and came up with quite a list:






Reflect / Remember/recollect










And there are tons more… but it gave us so much to think about! And clearly, totally inspired Rhonna… cause the kit, and the art is So cute!


We really wanted to start the year with some kind of a planner, calendar idea, and this year, we actually turned to “MY BOOK” which is a customizable book- that is a year-long planner it comes in 2 sizes: 6×8 and 4×6. SO- you get all the days/weeks along with sheet protector type dividers. That way, you can add, customize to create your perfect planner! 


Both sizes

We showed off 2 different sizes of “my books” and featured all the different pages that come in the “remarkable” digital kit: 21 day challenge page, weight loss chart, shopping and to-do lists and MORE! below is a preview of some of the pages- these are already placed on a 8×11 sheet size for easy printing- these smaller pages are designed to fit right into the smaller 4×6 planner

Diff pages

We bundled the “my book” planner w/ the digital/printable kit for a really “remarkable” deal! The deal will be  available through Monday- so buy now, while we still have enough planners to go around! you can grab the larger 6×8 book HERE and the smaller 4×6 book HERE

the kit come with the colored and the black and white files… i think that the b&w are SO cute, and can be printed over and over for some of those more "useful" pages…would be fun printed on different pattern and colored bazzill cardstock!


We will continue to show off fun things to do w/ the art…cool stuff, like this cute Jewelry Idea from Janet… this is the perfect thing to wear and be reminded of your FOCUS this year!


If learning how to use the “digital files” is part of your goals for the new year.. – and even if you know a little, and you are ready to push yourself a little… Check out the class that I will be teaching with Jessica Sprague! It’s called: Mouse, paper, Scissors…and for 4 weeks, you will learn all the tips and tricks for starting a project on your computer, creating w/ a click of the mouse, but getting your creation OUT of the computer, and brining it to life w/ paper and scissors!


It’s going to be a blast! I heard lots of people asking about the difference between the digital and printable versions. IT’s TIME to learn MORE! It’s time to be able to use these tools and take your creativity to the next level! This class will be super user friendly, but not only INSTRUCT but INSPIRE!  This is a great place to start!  Learning this stuff is SO worth the time and energy! Trust me!


Ok, heading to bed… sleep well!


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