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loads of laundry

loads of laundry

i am not quite sure what to do with myself-it's wed night, and there is no webshow… AND i have my favorite "french dip" in the crock pot! holy cow, i am behind on laundry, and paperwork, but in essence… i have a night off, and probably more importantly, my family gets a night off! it's usually such a production! lol!

AND guess whatelse? for the past YEAR (maybe longer) i have had a crack in my windshield. i only used to be like 6" on the left side… but in the last few months, it's grown to span my whole windshield! …then, to make matters WORSE, right when we moved into this house- i was backing out of the garage, and still getting used to the parking etc… i was backing out, and totally took the driver side mirror out- yea- crunch- so, i did what anyone would do… and duct tape the mirror… for like a couple weeks, i have been driving around with a duct tape mirror and broken windshield! (my mom even had to drive the car, cause it's the only thing that will FIT everyone!)  well, i am HAPPY to report, that i finally broke down and got the windshield replaced… it was painless; they came to my house, and it was done in like 1/2 hour! then  i called  an auto yard, and located a driver-side mirror for my make/model car- they shipped it to us, and last night…eric pulled up a 'youtube' video on 'how to change the driver side mirror on GMC', and he was able to fix me right up! it feels like a NEW car!! i love that car! all 120,000 miles!

Flyer for retailers
this week we started seeing the class projects for this year's Creative Escape! this year's event is coming together so smoothly, and it's been so much fun to work on incorporating lots of new ideas and getting so many different manufactures involved! you read it right… this year will be the LAST Creative Escape! and because we know we don't have to 'out do' ourselves again… we can pull out all the stops! a whole new set of secret surprises and fabulous classes!  i just figured it out… 190 days away! sounds like a long ways away… but i am sure it will be here before we know it! i hope you will plan to join us… it truly will be AMAZING and over-the-top in EVERY way!! check out the website here to see who will be teaching…  and check THIS out… because for the first time ever, we are offering a "payment plan" (by popular demand!).  i will be sharing more sneaks, and peeks… bits of information… of course… we love to have surprizes!! so i have to be careful! grab some friends, and come hang with us… it's always SO much fuN! start planning NOW!!

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