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long day

long day

cory was reportedly up at 4:19am checking out the status of the presents…and resisted waking me up until 6:01am. it’s now almost 11pm, and they are playing one of the games that we got  ‘ticket to ride’. my brain is mush, and since i got schooled on the new table tennis set-up, i decided to cut my losses!
here is a little look at our morning here in Brisbane!
Santa brought funny wigs and boas in bright fun colors- they were a must around the house today, and colorful feathers were strewn throughout! in addition to eating amazing food prepared by Chanel, who is as passionate about cooking as she is scrapbooking… she put together an awesome day of hoilday favorites including a turkey AND a ham for lunch! and tonight i was introduced to chocolate ‘pavlova’. WOW. spectacular!  The balance of the day was spent enjoying the pool and visiting with family members on skype! what a cool thing that is! we were really able to rub in the nice warm, enjoyable weather that way!

we topped the afternoon off with a heated  wig-table-tennis match- good for many laughs! our kids think we are nuts! so much fun! merry christmas to everyone! smile…

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