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Looking for a fun and easy way to highlight an entire year on ONE page?  Well, if your answer is a resounding yes…then this post is absolutely for you!

I know you know what I mean when I say my phone is flooded with photos.  FLOODED.

Really… it is both such a blessing and a curse.  I love my digital device and photo taking has become SO convenient.  However, the overload can be a bit extreme and sometimes we really just have to dial back and get back to the basics.

So today I am doing just that.  One layout.  One year.  In under 3 minutes or less.

Well…maybe not quite exactly 3 minutes in real time  but I was able to create a YouTube video for you all to enjoy to kind of watch the process of this page, along with a fun little hack that I love to use to make my photos stand out.  And I do believe it is under 3 minutes so I guess that kind of counts 😉

Oh, and did I mention we are using the ever amazing and beautiful Art Walk paper collection to help us get the job done?  You know I love it and bring on ALL the colour for my soul this January.

So sit back, relax and watch below to see just how quickly a layout can come together to represent and highlight an entire year!

It may just be easier than you think.

Here are some helpful tips when creating your own highlight scrapbook page:

  • sticking to one paper collection really helps to not over complicate the process.  everything coordinates and it keeps the main thing the main thing.  that being photos and getting them documented.
  • dig out die cuts to create simple and coordinating pieces to help your page stand out and to add a little extra.
  • using black and white photos is a great way to keep the design flow streamlined.


Even though this only represents a snippet of my last year, it is still a beautiful summarization that takes me back instantly when I look on each photo and reflect on the month it was part of.  It is also super gratifying to know that I have at least something documented, rather than nothing….or thousands of unprinted photos sitting on my device.

So in the spirit of the new year, I propose a fun challenge for you.  Choose one, yes, just ONE photo from each month of 2021.  Assemble them all on one scrapbook page and enjoy each and every amazing memory looking back at you.  Enjoy it, reflect on it…and if you so choose to I would LOVE for you to scrapbook it.  It really is the best feeling to see it all come back together.

Supplies: Art Walk Paper Collection

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