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Well here we go.


As much as I love looking forward, there is truly something so cathartic and meaningful about looking back.  Dare I say even the feeling ‘accomplished’ comes to mind?  I mean, there will always be those things we did not finish, goals we did not meet, plans that were upended and changed.  However, for right now…I am so grateful for the opportunity to look back and share some of what I DID accomplish…and that made my 2021 crafty year a memorable one.

So with that being said…who is ready for a top 5 share of my most favourite personal projects from 2021?  Let’s go!


Well, it is fitting that this is the journal I created to begin 2021…but it really is a staple of mine to begin each and every January with a new hand made journal in tow.

I also love the fun stamping I did on the ribbon.  It really is sometimes the littlest things that continue to provide the biggest impact.

I loved this project for its customization, the fun techniques of both Minc foiling and stamping and that bright burst of colour that the Art Walk collection is famous for.  I remember specifically choosing this bright colour as my heart was needing some pep due to the winter woes and cold weather.

Hand made journals will always and forever be a top favourite project to design and create of mine.


Too soon for Valentine Day related chatter yet?!

I just could not resist this project, and yes…it makes my top 5.

I love using my Minc for any holiday, however it lends itself perfectly to the ever fabulous day of love.  I adored pairing the blush tones of Minc foil to make this super easy DIY banner pop.  I also adore the Minc for making holiday styling so easy.  Truly one of my most favourite tools to craft with.  It is also such an easy way to create customized coordinated decor in any theme, design and style.


My love for my Memory Planner runs deep.  I am truly a memory keeper at heart, so anything related to photographs, words and stories will forever be a part of who and why I craft and create.  This type of documenting has really changed the game for me.  It has provided me with such a feasible and realistic way to enjoy the value of storytelling all the while still allowing me the freedom and space to continue to incorporate all the pretty and fun we all know and love when it comes to paper crafting.

Taking Stop The Blur has also played a huge role in my Memory Keeping for 2021 and I cannot wait to bring everything I have learned and been inspired by with me into this new year ahead.


Summer story telling is such a favourite of mine.  I love the memories made in the sunshine, outdoors and just enjoying everything that summer brings.  These pages I created back in the summer are ones that I will forever hold in my heart.  There is nothing like lazy summer days when your children are young and I just knew when I created and designed these pages they would be stand outs for life.

My kids really embraced the water and beach this past summer and it was so refreshing and wonderful to see them just loving it.

Capturing this time was super important to me and I am so grateful to have this documented in my albums.


Stamping has really become a thing lately.  And one of MY favourite things.  There is just something awesome that happens when you can pair a cute set of stamps with adorable patterned paper and inks.  Just going for it can truly create the most beautiful works of art.  I have loved embracing stamping this year and the love continues to remain strong.

The funny thing is I would not really consider myself a ‘card maker’, but this year I was sure proud of these cards.

I thought they turned out so nice and the colours just warmed my heart.  Paired with an amazing stamp set and voila! I love the versatility of this stamp set and just how many looks and messages can be created with one stamp set.  My kind of creating.

As this year has come to a close and new one is now here, I am excited to begin another chapter of creating, crafting and memory keeping.  Cannot wait to share where my heart and hands lead me in 2022.  Much love XO

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