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looking back.

looking back.

I found myself browsing through my iphoto library today for a few quiet moments.(gasp, a quiet moment??)  I am working on a couple of big projects…2 of which are still in the ‘mental’ part of the creative process, and I was scrolling through the last 2 years of my life in pictures trying to some how capture my thoughts and emotions. The last few days, I have been going back through old albums pulling out random pages as I am preparing for a special little presentation I am giving at Creative Escape.  I have been  filled with emotion as I have stepped into the ‘time machine’ I like to call my scrapbook library. I have laughed and cried, over and over.
 I look and notice the resemblance between my older kids, and the current looks of Capri and Connor.
 I marvel at how much has transpired, and how fast time seems to pass.
I am grateful for the things I have written, for the images I have captured and the time I took to create pages upon pages of precious memories.

As I read the insight, and descriptions I have written, I am constantly amazed that I didn’t remember thinking or feeling that. without these pages- these photographic journal entries, those thoughts would have been lost. It’s inspiring me, and motivating me to be even more attentive to my passion, and my favorite pastime of scrapbooking –I think it’s important. I love taking the time to collect my thoughts, and put them down on paper. I love telling the story, and trying to create a scrapbook page that takes you back to that time.
I don’t consider myself an exceptional photographer. And a lot of the time, I am disappointed that I didn’t work harder at getting better photos, or more- or missing someone etc etc. but today, as I was looking through the photos I have taken this summer, I was delighted. And in a way amazed at all that has been crammed in! truth: I felt a little validated for feeling completely exhausted, and needing to re-group. I have SO many scrapbook pages I want to create. I decided to do some journaling… just the regular kind… pen and paper. I got out a brand new notebook, and a mechanical pencil (cause I really like to write in pencil)…and started jotting down my thoughts and feelings. Some of the photos prompted bullet points. Some I remembered quotes that people had said. Others, I just spewed my personal feelings. Again, I found myself laughing and crying. This summer has been full of every emotion. I would like to continue this exercise- and I thought that I’d encourage you to do the same. Write something down. The Highs, and the lows.
But most of all… the Gratitude. As I have shared with those of you who have been in my ‘energy journal class’… expressing and feeling gratitude is ‘free’ energy that fills you and strengthens you.  looking back through my SB pages, and my photographic representation of my recent past has filled me with overwhelming gratitude. Take a minute. Look back! Enjoy…

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