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loving these…

loving these…

connor is the 'snack helper' tomorrow at pre-school, so i was trying to find something that i have here on hand to take to school… i am kinda out of food… but i have had this bag of cinnamon rolls in my freezer for awhile:

Rhodesrollsthese are the kind that have to rise for 2 hours before you can cook them– so i did it a little different today. i moved them to the fridge for the day, and then once they were pretty soft, i pulled them out of the fridge. i cut each roll into quarters, and put each of the small pieces into my mini-cupcake tin.  i needed them to rush the raising process- so i heated the oven to 175 degrees, turned it off and let them raise for about 45 min. (until they were double in size). I then baked them at 350 for 8 minutes.

Closeuprollsi took the creamcheese frosting that was included in the package, and mixed in some food coloring and while they were hot, spread a little on each mini… and couldn't stop myself from adding sprinkles.

when they had cooled just enough, i removed them from the tin and placed them in mini-cupcake wrappers that i had on hand. (SO CUTE!)

you might have seen me make these fabulous tiered treat towers last year– i used cute paper plates and cups and serving trays that i picked up at Target (last year) not sure if they have them this year again- i think that the cinnamon-y flavor is just SO perfect for these crisp fall days, and will be a perfect little snack for my little snack helper to bring to his class…

my family ate these all up tonight- so i guess i am making more tomorrow- i'll be sure to time it so they get them straight from the oven! YUM!

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