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LUCKY ME! team appreciation lunch

LUCKY ME! team appreciation lunch

i have the best team in the world! and the last few months have been even MORE crazy than usual with so many fun new products (we are working about a year in advance!) and working together on the new website as well! there were some late nights hitting deadlines, and everyone has just been giving SO much to get stuff done! SO… for St.Patricks day i decided to host the “2nd Annual” team appreciation lunch! even though there were about exactly a MILLION things going on… any of which would be a good reason NOT to take the time off … but we did! and it was so worth it! i thought i would share some of the details… i always just LOVE putting together little parties! especially to celebrate people I LOVE so much!

plus, i really like St. Patricks day! i had some decor left over from a fun event last year… so i was able to pull it out and put it to good use! last year, we actually had a “Minc” release party, and it was the first time I used the 8″ Marquee letters… i used green foil paper on the inside of the letters… so i was totally stoked to use them again this year!


it looks so cute teamed up with my new LIGHTBOX! when you use the lightbox.. you have to get a little creative to work within the allotted letters!


i actually used 3 different alphabet sets… one for “it takes” one for “hard work” and then i used the mini alphabet along with the track for the “a bit o lucky, a lot of”… for the “and” i used the basics icon pack and actually trimmed it down to fit in the track… i love seeing people getting creative with their lightbox displays! *by the way.. these mini ice cream cupcakes were delicious and EASY to make!


the best way to show your people at work appreciation, is get them OUT of the office! so i decided to invite them to my home! (which also meant i had to clean up!) i picked up these gold “#LUCKY” balloons from Target – oh man, i love them so much! and the tassels were left over from previous st. patty’s celebrations!  if you are local, you probably recognize where our lunch came from! that’s none other than a little Cafe Rio catering right there! delicious!


just because you have take out doesn’t mean that you have to serve up lunch on paper plates! i actually LOVE to use my fine china for my celebrations! i decorated the place settings with little gifts from Littlefield Lane… they come in these gorgeous boxes, and i just added some Marquee Love washi tape and tulle! easy and FUN!


i am the biggest fan of balloons for every occasion! so yes… i couldn’t resist a rainbow of balloons!  and if you see in the background here, again i used gifts as decoration!


my team consists of some crazy hard workers… so i thought it would be fun to create some customized trucker hats! i wrote the word “workaholic” and ordered them from CustomInk.com — so cute! i love mine! it was easy to hang them along with my shamrock garland and some chalkboard Marquee signs. you can also spot the ‘Hello Heidi’ “you are loved” and a couple paper star lanterns… they are so easy and perfect for every occasion!


it was so much fun to use the products that we have designed together to be the decor at the party!


i have seen so much personal growth in each of my team members… and in order to honor each of them, i asked our Art Director, Nichole Huntington to write up a little “super power” about each of the team members to read aloud. then i took white balloons and a gold metallic pen and wrote words that described each person on the balloon, and tied it to a Marquee Letter that is their initial (spray painted in gold).


it was a very sweet time to acknowledge each team member… as individuals and friends! i really admire and enjoy each of them! not sure how i got so LUCKY!


(do you also spy the MINC banner that i foiled with green foil?) here’s a look at the little invite that i gave each team member…i am all about invites. i say that e-Vites are the WORST. you can’t really tell here, but a portion of this is in gold foil.

HS_LUCKY14 copy

i wrapped it in tissue paper instead of an envelope.. lots of fun extras!


these are some totally awesome ladies! i am forever grateful for them… and really… i don’t consider it LUCK… it’s more like BLESSED!


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