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I am so grateful to be HOME
tonight- Capri was discharged from the hospital around 4pm and we were all so
happy to have this week behind us! what a difference since her surgery
yesterday. AWESOME! So looking forward to actually sleeping tonight- no beeping,
no vital signs…just eric’s snoring!


I got home to Cory planning and
preparing for a Friday night video party- (with girls…gasp!) so the good news
is that they totally cleaned the basement.  Never a dull moment! In fact, my aunt KJ brought me some of
those pink and white animal cookies with a note that says “for when life is a
circus” …I need a lifetime supply of those!


I keep thinking about all the
people that really blessed our lives this week…and feeling so grateful!  So, in order to unwind a bit tonight, I
put on a mud mask and went about creating thank you cards. It was so nice to be
back in my studio!! It’s funny how much I missed the daily creative outlet!Lucky1

So I mentioned that I got the april
kit from Crazy Daisy this week, and included were these awesome PRIMA flowers
and I had been wanting to show off the cool ‘lucky’ glimmer mist…


For whatever reason, I think that
it might be the green milk and green pancakes from my youth, but I really enjoy
St. Patricks Day. I also like the ‘lucky’ theme. And so I thought it would be a
perfect theme for a thank you card… and while I feel more ‘blessed’ than
‘lucky’…for all people that helped make this last week function…I thought they
made for some cute ‘thank yous’…



The first ones I made using white
envelopes. I cut off the sides and made them open up like a card. Simple- easy.



The others’ just tiny cards, and
when I was done…I sprayed a bit of the LUCKY glimmer mist the misting mat, and
dragged the edge of the card through the mist.


These prima flowers had to have
been MADE for Glimmer Mist! (look for the "e" collection) SO perfect.

to make the shamrocks…cut the 6 pedal flowers in 1/2 and adhere to the paper. i just kinda crinkled it as it was drying. i cut up some book paper to spell out the word "lucky".

i just think that LUCKY glimmer mist is the best shamrock color ever! 

ok. sleep!

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