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maggie massey's challenge projects …. and a giveaway!

maggie massey's challenge projects …. and a giveaway!

Happy Friday! And welcome to the LAST day of the Canvas Corp/Tattered Angels/7Gyspies/Heidi Swapp Mix UP!

I am IN LOVE with the projects created by Maggie Massey. She is totally inspiring me today! As I mentioned, we each created a memory file using the same materials- and I cracked up when I saw Maggie’s, because all 3 of us chose to the us diagonal stripe folder! (that one is my favorite too!)

Maggie’s concept for her Memory files is so clever, and such a great idea as summer is kicking off… head over to her blog to take a closer look at this! It’s GORGEOUS! I love the cover on this! I want to find out how she colorized the individual stripes. She obviously took great care in adding the color to this file! She used the big burlap flower, that is the sister to the fabulous canvas flower that Ranjini and I used on our projects! So cute!

The second project that Maggie created was another twist on the canvas post cards. I really love this idea/concept for a project- she made “pages” that don’t bind together, but just all tuck inside the covers.

I’ll let her explain:

I made a little mini-album using Canvas Corp canvas and Heidi’s Color Magic products. I really love mini-albums because they don’t take forever to create and I can include a whole bunch of photos. The kind of albums I’ve been making lately have been separate little tags all included between two pieces of chipboard, etc. I haven’t been attaching the tags or covers together, because I love the idea that a whole bunch of people (or all 3 kids) can look at the album at the same time. Like passing around a stack of photos, you can do the same with my albums. For this particular album, I used some of my absolute favorite photos of the kids. I took 3 Canvas Corp large tags and removed the stitching from them so that each tag gave me two pieces of canvas. Then I colored and sewed Heidi’s Color Magic papers to the canvas and embellished each “page” with photos, banners (a favorite of mine), geometric shapes, alphabets, etc. I love sewing embellishments to pages…I think it just gives them the little extra texture that makes them perfect. I removed the stitching from 3 sides of a larger Canvas Corp tag and used that as the covers for the little pages…then I just simply closed everything together with some Canvas Corp jute. I’ve found that I’ve been using my Glimmer Mists for just about everything lately and I love the look of using “masks” with them…especially on canvas…how cool is that negative space???

I love how this project looks all wrapped up in jute! The little flags and ruffles hanging off are delightful as is that big stamped “mine”!

I love how she made each different ‘page’ unique but they still have a very cohesive look and feel! And I love that she mixed the black and white photos with color!  They all look so lovely together! Take a minute to look closely at the individual pages as there are great ideas for using the trims, tapes and banner delights, mixed with simple shapes cut from the Color Magic paper.

I LOVE what you did Maggie! You kinda blew my mind! Let’s play again!!


Now… as promised, I am giving away the projects that I created on Monday to 3 lucky winners!

To enter to win, simply add your name & email address to the form below. 3 different winners will be chosen and you each will win one of the projects (shown above) that I created for this Canvas Corp Mix-Up challenge! Giveaway is open now through Sunday night at 8pm eastern. Have fun 🙂

Giveaway is now closed. Winner to be announced shortly!

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