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make PAPER elements!

make PAPER elements!


welcome to wednesday- which means that i have a NEW epsiode airring today on My Craft Channel! compared to last week's marathon episode, this one is quick and packed with some fun ideas! –the kind of ideas for things you can make using scraps of paper and a few things you most likely have around your house! (sewing machine…old books, etc)…

my mom is this really awesome seamstress and quilter, and i knew early in 10th grade with my first sewing class that i would not be following in her footsteps– (that was right after i realized i wouldn't be following in my dad's piano playing footsteps either!– huge disappointment to my folks)… In any event, i have put my sewing machine to good use on my paper projects… none of which require a pattern, measuring or even a straight line! So when you have a few quiet minutes (or 11 of them) –maybe as you are waiting for REVENGE to start tonight… you can check it out!

this is a cute page i made a year or so ago using some of the same techniques… love this photo of my cousin Nanci and her cutie little thing Paige on her first bday…

Nancii have to give a shout out to Little Black Dress kit club who's kit this is designed from. LOVE them! i am not sure if you know them- of have heard of them… but they had a FIRE and EVERYTHING for their Oct kit was BURNED!! holy smokes!!  Sounds like they are on track for November… they are just so awesome –i wanted to let them know they have been in my prayers… and i am wishing them tons of love!!

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