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make a fab valentine box

make a fab valentine box

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Well, let me be among the first to wish you a HAPPY valentines day! A bit pre-mature, i do agree, but I think that what we can also agree on is that a month will be here, and gone before we know it. it’s indeed hard to believe that we are already 2 weeks deep into this new year!

Valentine’s day traditionally is reserved for lovers! Maybe you immediately think of a fancy dinner,  fresh flowers, or the ultimate demise of New Years Resolutions in the form of Chocolate covered everything!  However, Valentine’s are not just for our ‘special someone’, it’s for our special EVERYONE’s!  it’s a wonderful  excuse to blatantly, and cheese-ish-ly proclaim our love and devotion (and even appreciation) to our friends, kiddos, parents, kids’ teachers, and yep—even those we visit teach (wink).  I have a whole variety of ideas and inspirations up my sleeve to share between now and Feb 14th, so may as well kick things off with this beautiful project.

AS I mentioned, it snuck up on me—I wasn’t ready!  so thank you so much for your patience! xoxo

If you haven’t yet, take a few minutes (13 to be exact) to watch the most current episode, and first the second season of ‘Create to Remember’ where I walk through the general steps of creating this project. Click HERE to link to the show! and if you want to grab some gorgeous flowers to enjoy for the Valentine ‘season’… i am wearing THIS one and THIS one…    if you type in “LOVES” as a coupon code (you have to sign in to Etsy), you can get 35% off your order).

As promised on the show, I have a few tips and instructions to share here,

Box Closurebox Peekinsidebox

let’s get started:

  1. you will need to download this template that you will print onto some cardstock, cut and use to trace the shape
  2. Select the papers that will be the inside pages of your book (4-5 papers) and fold them in ½ (they will be 6”x12”)
  3. Trim ¼” off the open edge of the folded paper

Template4.  Align the template with the folded edge and trace for all inside pages of the book; Trim each page

5.Select the paper for the outside/cover

6. Score with ¼” spine directly in the middle of the paper– check out how i do this on the video! i use the Martha Stewart scoring tool which i love, and i used a pen to score with … nice bonus to be able to see the score lines!

7. Align the template with the cover edge(left) and trace; cut to size (in this photo below, you can see the 1/4″ spine, and how the pages fit right inside!)

8. For the spine cover, Cut a 2 ¼”x 12” strip and score ¼” exactly in the middle; fold and trim to the height of the book using the template.

Screen shot 2012-01-12 at 7.41.30 PM

9. Glimmer mist all the page, with different valentine colors- or as desired. You can also ink up the pages with distress ink or use water colors! you don’t even HAVE to make it a Valentine project!! could be any color! any title! any reason… this is just a great project for anything!

10.  Glue all the inside pages back to back with the patters to the inside of each fold **adhere pages “back to back”



page 2:


page 3:


All pages

11.  adhere the cover/outside around the inside pages- lining up all the edges

12. Decorate the book cover as desired. I used the I-rock (with these)  to embellish, and also cut a heart shape from cardboard & covered with paper.  I added some mistable scallop ribbon, along with misted ribbon and a crystal! Anything goes! Search your stash!

For the box:


  1. cover all the sections of the box with misted papers before you adhere the box together. i adhered the paper to the box and the cut around the folio with an exacto knife.  Use the glossy accents to glue, or even hot glue!
  2. Cut another heart from cardboard for the closure
  3. Position the heart so it’s overlapping the cover flap part way.
  4. Use hot glue to adhere ½ the cardboard heart, allowing the flap to tuck under the heart to hold the box closed.

have fun creating this project!! it’s gorgeous– i LOVE to use the Cadillac Pink Glimmer mist and love the Polk-a-dot Pink Chalk board color as well!  you can probably see from my close up shot that i did use my sewing machine on the spine-cover… that is just cause i love the look!.. you don’t have to sew.  be patient, it should take you a couple of hours. try to be detailed on the cutting and glueing for best results! GOOD LUCK!

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