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Making Inspirational Messages with the Minc Machine

Making Inspirational Messages with the Minc Machine

we all need encouragement

There has been a thought rattling in my mind for a while now. Here is what it is: people like to be encouraged. I know. Profound. Stick around. There’s more where that came from.

Seriously though. The idea that we makers can ‘make’ something and give it away and the receiver not only feels loved, but can be encouraged too.

Here today I want to share how I am playing this rattling thought in my mind in a real way.

But first, let’s make.



Here are some items I gathered to work this idea into a very tangible way to encourage someone:
Heidi Swapp Minc Machine
Minc Clear Texture Paste Medium
Iridescent Reactive Foil
word stencil
scraps of pattern paper: I used Art Walk to keep these congruent

You can find the above at JoAnn Stores.

then some basics:
hole punch
washi or low tack tape



Using a word stencil, I masked off certain words, then stenciled the word with the Minc Texture Paste.



Allowing the Texture Paste to dry (and I mean it really needs to dry…like no kidding), I then had a little smallish sort of tag.

Then I foiled the stenciled word.




Here are the details to this:

I have a student who just started school. She’s not loving this year for reasons I have not really been able to decipher. I’ve gone back and forth on how to encourage her. This is my next step: to simply create some foiled tags (she loves anything holographic-esque) with encouraging words and include a note to affirm her in her current circumstances.

Make it. Give it. It’s one of my favorite ways to be a maker. Make something and give it away.



After the Texture Paste dried very well and then the image was foiled with Iridescent Reactive Foil then I embellished the tag further.

I will include a note on the back. Then insert into a vellum envelope made especially for the tag and give these to her randomly.

And when they are gone? I’ll make more!

Win! Win for a maker.



I hope this inspires you to inspire someone else. We have the ability with our creative ways to make someone else’s day. I hope you will give it a try.  Give your gifts away.


Heidi Swapp Minc and Art Walk Collections are available at JoAnn Stores.

author: Jamie Pate



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