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mary engelbreit


so a few of you have mentioned seeing my piece in the ‘home companion’… and i have been surprised at the number of emails i have rec’d as well…
i just picked up my copy! i have to admit… i was so excited to be invited to create something for the april/may issue of ‘home companion’. i have always enjoyed the magazine.. there is always fresh, fun and inspiring ideas, typography and unique design concepts featured.
when i was contacted by jennifer cushman, a freelancer for the magazine… i started working on kind of an altered book for my mom for mother’s day. interestingly enough, i had been thinking a lot about the mother- daughter relationship, and how as mother’s we truly effect the future generations through our daughters.  i am sure that we can all relate to experiencing more respect and trust in our mom’s as we get older, mature and realize more fully the complexity of motherhood. at least that is the case for me.
so i spent about a month, playing around with old photos of myself with my mom… creating this altered book. my deadline was coming up, and i was just not thrilled with the project. the night before the project was due… i ditched the altered book and created the framed scrapbook that is featured in the article. i had been imagining this little project for quite some time, so it was sitting in the creative bank in my brain… about 8:30 at night i went to target and purchased about 4 different frames… came home and went to work. by about 3am the project was complete… and i loved it. it came out exactly how i saw it in my head.  i love the colors– so springy and fresh.. it fit into this issue of the mag so perfectly i thought! 

it is kind of hard to see how it all works from the article. here’s some additional construction info…
i have more photos of it at home on my big computer, but since i am still at my mom’s you’ll have to hunt down the magazine to take a peek…at least until i get home.

i took the piece of chipboard that was in the back of the 5×7 frame. (it’s a racheal ashwell). i selected all the photos that i wanted to use in the album and started creating "flaps".  my plan was that the book would open from the top, bottom and both sides… that way, there would not be a thick traditional ‘spine’ that would be too bulky.   i created all the "flaps" (or pages)… they are all different sizes and shapes… they don’t all line up as you can kind of see from the pics…  i completed all the flaps, with the journaling as well as the embellishments, and then i started from the back, and sewed each page in position.  once i had all the pages sewn together, i simply placed it in the frame just like you would a photo… (obviously without the glass) i attached the photos with photocorners, staples and stiches… i didn’t want the embellishments to be too bulky, cause there were about 6 or 7 flaps… it’s amazing how much better i work at the very last minute…
the deadline is my ultimate inspiration!
the article is featured on page 108 of the
april/may issue…
so fun! check it out!

i visited my dentist this morning to get 2 cavities filled… what a misery.  i swear there is no one that brushes teeth more than i do… and STILL have about a million cavities! luckily my dentist is about the nicest man on the planet… and it did go pretty quick. i still hate it!