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Have you heard about b*charmed??


Ok, if you haven’t checked this out… you must!  B*charmed is a NEW and super fresh, exciting jewelry company- about a year ago, Janet and Rhonna and I were invited to work on designs, branding, packaging and all kinds of other details that would be the beginnings of something amazing! It’s SO exciting to see everything coming together- the vision was to design beautiful charms- that could be combined, mixed and matched to create one-of-a-kind stylings…

I mean, just wait until you see the GORGEOUS charms- there are all shapes and sizes, looks and messages- they are fabulous… then you can choose your chains, add on baubles, and crystals, lockets and monograms… the selection is not only BEAUTIFUL but extensive!  They have set this up as a party company- similar to like, Scentsy or  Stampin Up… where you can host a party, and earn money toward your own purchases etc- but if you are looking for a way to earn some extra money- it’s a perfect job for a mom- because you can do as little or as much as you wish- you can become a “STYLIST”!  Check out the site, the company is having regular conference calls where you can just call in and listen to them explain exactly what you can do to get started! It’s so easy… and just wait until you see all the TOOLS that are available to you as a Stylist… I will tell you that the people that have put this program together have had TONS of experience- I mean, the combination of expertise, emphasis, skills, and experience that is had by the group that has launched this company is reason enough to get involved. These people will make this company grow beyond what you can even imagine- I am so excited to see how this thing continues to unfold.  I have just been watching… and I am impressed.. you can do a little poking around…


You can download the catalog… here is the “download center”… there are all kinds of documents that you can check out here… as well as the compensation information, and applications, agreements, all the ‘fine print’ etc…



Ladies are starting to get their kits full of charms… and starting to have parties and the excitement is GROWING!  I have been really impressed with the quality of the pieces, and the detail at which they are being constructed… I love the charms by themselves, but when you start combing them, and mixing your own personal style in the different necklaces and  chains… there are so many possibilities! You MUST check it out!

And **spoiler alert**

I have been working with B*charmed to create a gorgeous little gift for all those attending creative escape this year… they will be there to show off their gorgeous goods…


Be sure to check out their Facebook page– and all the people as they are getting their kits and having parties! It’s fun to be a part of the excitement! –you can see who else is loving it!!


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