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memory file as creativity diary

memory file as creativity diary

When I got the photos of today’s gorgeous project, I did what you are will be doing in just a few seconds when you scroll down:  I leaned into the computer, with my nose about 4” from the monitor trying to get the closest possible look at the luscious layers, and gorgeous combinations of textures, colors and words!

But I am getting ahead of myself. First, a little background….

When Janna Werner first told me that she planned to create a Memory File as a DIARY about her creativity ….How she has changed in her crafting in the last year —  how much more confident being artsy makes her — I was intrigued. I couldn’t wait to see what her project would bring.

So when I finally saw her finished project, you can imagine that it just melted my heart to see the photo of her as a little girl on the outside, along with the photos of her as a grown woman. I think this is an awesome idea!! I feel strongly that it’s SO important to document YOURSELF…it’s so important to write about your feelings, opinions… your passions and struggles. (no one else can do it as well as you can!!)

Once again, I am really enjoying the design team’s different ‘takes’ on the Memory Files. My first instinct seems to be to add bright and bold colors to the Color Magic  — but I just LOVE how gorgeous these files look AS-IS in Janna’s project!  The subtleness of the resist patterns gives an understated elegance, but still clean surface to build on!

And BUILD on them she did!! This project is full of the most delicious layers you could ever hope for! I love how she combined the fabric, and paper along with the banner delights, stix, words and tapes. It’s so interesting and beautiful!

Janna says:

“When I was a child, I loved painting and crafting. These hobbies got lost when I was a teenager, music and friends were more important to me at that time.

In 2010 I started crafting again, I enjoy sitting by myself, listening to music, not thinking at all, just letting my hands do what my soul wants to express in that moment.

A very valuable lesson I learned in the last two years is to not compare yourself to other crafters. Each of us has her own way of expressing feelings and thoughts. By trying to compare yourself and maybe trying to be a bit like someone else, you limit yourself and dont stay true to the moment.

It is not always easy to be artsy and crafty, sometimes the mojo is far away. Believe in your inner strength, stay calm and don’t judge yourself in those moments.”

I want to thank Janna for sharing her talents, and for sharing such an authentic look at HER! So awesome!

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