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memory file: just me – jamie pate

memory file: just me – jamie pate

Welcome back for DAY two and a peek into WHO “Jamie Pate” is as a person…(and a busy one at that)… and also who she is as a creative!  I can relate a lot with Jamie as she is a busy mom to 5!! I admire her priorities and balance that she strives for and how it includes her creative passion!  This little mini-file is amazing, and a great synopsis of Jamie style and “hats”.  I’ll let her take over from here…

just me: memory file by jamie pate

This is a mini memory file I call ‘Just Me’. When I saw the Mini Memory Files I knew I would want to make a, well, a mini file. And this project was perfect for those. The patterns were gorgeous, and work perfectly with the Vintage Chic 8×8 Paper Pack. Then when I saw the black/grey damask, I knew that would be my first to play with. Now keeping a ‘Just Me’ file to a couple of pages and not an entire tome is another story.

For this project, I used the back-to-back book binding technique to create the pages. This allowed the beautiful Vintage Chic papers to show their pretty selves off. With this approach, you really can add as many pages to your memory file as you desire. It’s a great technique.

I love embellishments to stick out of my mini albums. I love the texture and the anticipation that they render. The pages in this mini are of different heights so as to allow the next page to show itself and encourage the viewer to keep looking. I use this method a lot.

Just Me begins with the reality that I am a believer in God. I believe in God and start my day reading Scripture, praying, and journaling. A cup of coffee is mandatory for this routine too. I am not able to wear any of the hats that make up Just Me if I do not start my day off in devotion.

You may notice a bit of a theme as you explore these pages in this mini file. I usually decide on a couple of sketches for my mini albums, and repeat them throughout. It is not always obvious, but that way I do not have to recreate each and every page, but rather rely on what I did perhaps three pages earlier and do it again, with different embellishments. This really aids my busy life and getting these mini albums completed.

I am…wife…and celebrating 23 years this year of marriage. Mr. Pate and I met in high school ever so long ago. So of course, no memory file of me excludes the hat of wife and help mate.

Notice the Sentiment Stickers? Those are some of my favorites from the Heidi’s summer release. These sweet phrases go with so many projects, and mix and match beautifully. Also notice that I use them on every page…cause I can’t help myself.


I am…an oldest child. And yes. I possess all the idiosyncrasies that go along with being the oldest. And what this page possesses that makes me smile, is how the ‘striped’ heart from the Sugar Chic Buzz Words stickers goes perfectly with the teal from the Vintage Chic! It just pops for me, and get so excited when I can mix collections like that.

I have a fabulous sister. But what is really fabulous, is when people ask “who is the oldest?” That just makes my day.

On each page of this memory file I used one of the Vintage Chic Notes to mat my photo. Not only will I use these again for journaling tags, but I think they would make great inserts for Project Life as well.

I am…on the floor…a lot! This little guy, who just turned two, was a little surprise to this family. And he has rocked our world ever since. So all the while that I have a seventeen year old…Sawyer Anthony gets me on the floor at some point in our day and helps me relish what a delight a toddler boy is to my life.

I am…busy. And that is a bit of an understatement. We have five children, and four of them are currently schooled at home for most of their week. While this makes for life to be a bit over the top crazy at times, it really causes me to plan my time and focus on what is important. It causes me to keep things simple and de-cluttered as possible around the house. It causes me to always examine my time and  the expectations I put on myself. And simply put, I think it causes me to always strive to be better. And at the end of the day, it just causes me to be tired.

This book could go on for quite a bit about just me and the different roles in my life I play. This is one reason why there are extra pages to fill up still at the end. The memory files are so flexible to fill with many photos, memories and stories, yet display so beautifully and orderly. The possibilities are truly endless. And I look forward to continuing to share with you who I am by way of these files and Heidi’s beautiful collections.

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