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memory file of me – jennifer evans

memory file of me – jennifer evans

I think it’s amazing how you can get to know someone so well through their scrapbooks! Well, I suppose that is the point of making scrapbooks… to piece together the string of memories, and treasures and joys…and people!  By now, I have announced and introduced the 5 women that will be helping me to educate, inspire and amaze you this year with my scrapbooking/crafting/creative/card-making/not really-sure-what-to-call-them products!

I have invited/challenged each member of my media team to create a Memory File about themselves…that was really the only guideline I gave them. You saw the memory file that I posted about my own adventures on Friday… and now each day this will you will see a creation from all 5 of the ladies on my team. I hope it will give you some further insight to them, and their creative process and who they are!

We will kick things off with Jennifer Evans. A true ‘educator’ and ‘artist’ at heart… I love the experience she had creating this project, and love the message that she shares via a gift from her mom! Take a look!

Memory File of Me: Jennifer Evans

When I begin a project, I usually have a plan with even a sketch. I originally wanted to share my likes and inspiration within this “All About You” Memory File but my plan changed as I got started…

The day before I started this assignment, my mum came over and gave me a cd. She said that she put together a playlist of songs just for me and she wanted me to listen to them. It is rare that I listen to music while I work. I am not sure why, other than that I normally can not two things at the same time. Even so, here I was with my pictures and Heidi Swapp product laid out and I pushed play on the player.

The song, Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars, came on and I just broke into tears. I couldn’t help it. There have been so many times that I have questioned the way I am. The way I have to create to stay sane. The way I think creatively, sometimes into the wee hours of the morning. I am not crazy but uniquely made and so are you. It was through the Internet and meeting other artists, just like you, that helped me realize that I was created to be creative. That I am “amazing just the way I am.”

Each song on the disc played music about being beautifully made and loved. My fingers just started creating and they didn’t stop until the file was finished…..

layer the Day Glow tape over top of each other to get a “masking tape” look. Then stamp right over it with Staz-On ink.

I love using clear acrylic in my mini albums so that other layers can peek through. Stamp directly on the acrylic with Staz-On ink again.

For a fast and less messy way to color Color Magic products, use Tim Holtz’s Distress Markers (I used Worn Lipstick). To clean the resist off the letters, I first wiped them with a paper towel after coloring them in. Then, I took a Q-tip sprayed with Windex and wiped the letters clean.

Mist Heidi’s Trimmings and then heat them to curl. I barely had the heat gun on the Trimmings before they started to smoke from the misting paint. So, safety first and always keep the heat gun at a distance and moving at all times.


I am so thankful to be given the chance to share this file of love with you. It is a way to remind myself (and you!) that we are beautiful just the way we are…

thank you so much, Jennifer!! i so loved this chance to get to know YOU better … and the magic you created!

by the way, those of you who live in the Pacific NW / Oregon area are in for a REAL treat! Jennifer is teaching a Memory File class at the Salem, OR Craft Warehouse in mid October! check out Jennifer’s blog here for the class details. she has planned what looks to be an amazing class!!

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