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memory file of me – kim jeffress

memory file of me – kim jeffress

Ok, I will be honest… as I opened each of the emails this week with these projects, as they trickled in one at a time- the very first assignments that I gave to the media team… each and every one made me cry. –yea, yea, I know this sounds sappy…but just the JOY that I get from seeing the little ‘ideas’ that I had used by such talented hands, and to document such precious information about such amazing women… makes me happier than I really even am able to type.  I want to thank them each for pouring their hearts into this very intimate project.

Today, the last one comes all the way from Brisbane, Australia (one of my favorite cities) from Kim Jeffress. I love Kim’s style… and it’s through her work that I feel like I have come to know her more and more… these photos seem to somehow capture her so perfectly- her big huge heart and love of life!  I absolutely love kim’s use of my mini-file folders… delightful!  I wish Kim was my next door neighbor! (and that we both lived in Sunny Brisbane)…

memory file of me – kim jeffress

When Heidi asked us to create a memory file about ourselves as our first project as part of the new Media Team, I immediatly went into panic mode thinking what am I going to do?? I do not have many photos of myself as I am always behind the camera and well frankly who really likes to talk about themselves. But when I stopped and thought about the project some more -I realised how important recording my memories and my thoughts  are for myself and my family, We need to know who I am and who is important in my life.

For my project I wanted to celebrate all the people in my life who make me so full, who has contributed past and present to who I am today, who makes my “Cup runneth over”. I decided to use a memory file from the new Vintage Chic line, I wanted a soft feel to my memory file but also wanted a splash of colour mainly yellow as it is my favourite colour it sings happiness to me always.

Do you spy that cute yellow bow tie? I used one of the Sugar Chic Bowties and  I added it to a  stick from the Pennants pack  for a little bit of fun, I love combining old and new product together…the bright pops of yellow in the bow tie co-ordinates so well with that gorgeous flower I am wearing in my new photo ! and for me its all about the colour co-ordination!!!

When you open my file you will notice I have used a mini file also from the new Vintage Chic collection, next to the colour yellow , chevron is my next go to element I use on a project. It is trendy right now but I think its a classic pattern too that will stand the test of time. I simply taped the back of the pink mini file to the inside back cover of the larger file.On the inside front cover I added some journalling to a piece of Vintage Chic Bookkeeping  pattern paper from the 8×8 pack,  I typed out my journalling and printed it on a piece of scratch paper first, once I was happy with the size and set up I attached my piece of pattern paper to the scratch paper using double sided tape. I then ran it through my printer again and my journalling was in the correct place on my pattern paper. In my journalling I wanted to document why these people are so important to me and the role they play and the role I play in their lives.

You will also notice I used some of the flower trimmings,  I decided to keep the flowers as is and not heat them so they would curl. I wanted my file inside to keep quite flat so I left them alone and just layered two flowers on top of each other!

Inside the Mini file folder I have attached some divided plastic sleeves, these house my photos and embellishments for each person who is celebrated in my file. I  attached the plastic sleeves with some washi tape to to the middle of my Mini file.  I did end up adding some double sided tape under the  washi tape just to give it some extra strength.

In the paper baggie I have stored for safe keeping 3 key pieces of memorabilla -a letter from my husband, a letter from my best friend and a drawing from my five year old son( note my teeth LOL )  I know I will treasure these in years to come and wanted to keep them in a  safe place.

I used my tab punch to create tabs for each role I play in my life. I typed out each name on my old typewriter on (coordinating) pattern paper then punched out the word. Once I had assembled each page, I cute a small slit on the edge of the plastic sleeve and poked the tab through so it stuck out of the side. Just a little element that adds a bit of fun to my project.

Each page reflects the people who are important and the role I have . I started with my husband, two sons, my parents, sister and of course my friends. You can see I have used different pattern papers for each page, although the colours continue throughout the project I wanted the colours and tones of the individual pages  to reflect the relationships that I have. On the final page of my mini I added a quote I found recently about being happy, these pages and these people make me HAPPY!

Thanks for taking the time to let me share a little piece of me… Kim

All these ladies that you have seen and heard from this week are AMAZING! I am SO looking forward to seeing what they have to teach US! Best Media Team EVER!

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