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memory file of me — maggie massey

memory file of me — maggie massey

As I mentioned earlier, I didn’t give these ladies any guidelines… just a big box of STUFF to play with, and it’s so amazing to see their different takes on a Memory File. Memory Files have limitless possibilities! It’s like a creative super-charge to play with them! Maggie did something that I think is very unique, and something that is SO perfect for a Memory File, and that is combining photos, and memories that bridge years.  A memory file does not have to be limited to ONE event, or one story- because it lends itself to that ability to interact, and explore and discover… there’s a little magic to it!

Maggie chose to turn back time and document thing about herself as a young girl. Just wait until you see her creative front flap, and AMAZING mini’s inside… this will just blow your mind!

I’ll let her tell you all about it!

memory file of me: maggie massey

When I first started working on my Memory File I wanted to include EVERYTHING. I mean, from the day I was born until now. About 15 minutes into working with that idea, I realized that the task would be nearly impossible…so I changed things up a bit. I decided that my file would be about the (much) younger me…the me that my kids may not ever hear too much about…facts about me that are probably insignificant, but may be interesting to them as they get older.

I decided that, because I wanted to include a whole bunch of photos inside that the file, I may not have tons of room for journaling…so, on the outside of the larger file, I attached a smaller Memory File…with Velcro. This smaller File includes a number of facts about me as I was growing up: the sports I played, my favorite things, my least favorite things, etc. It was really fun walking down memory lane…and it helped me to remember some things I would probably never have told my kids unless they asked.

I wanted the outside of the folder to be simple and fairly sparsely decorated, because I knew the inside would get crazy busy…I used a couple of tags (one Color Magic and one from the Vintage Chic line), added some Color Magic and Epoxy Letters, and a few flowers…along with a couple of Sentiments stickers and Sugar Chic banners…

The Memory Files are fantastic because they are printed on all sides…you don’t have to worry about covering up “plain” white paper in order to make it fit into your design. So, for the inside of the mini File I simply cut down some Vintage Chic Bookkeeping paper and adhered it to the inside of the File. I added some Sugar Chic banners, some misted butterflies and some washi tape and that side was done.

The other side of the file was just as easy…I misted some Color Magic paper and used that as the background for the journaling. Then I added another few Sugar Chic banners and my journaling was done.

When you open my Memory File you will see that there are a number of different areas…each representing different parts of my life.

I attached a little plastic pocket (made with some Heidi Swapp packaging!) and included a Sugar Chic openable and a couple of photos of me as a baby… behind that little pocket I attached another Color Magic tag…and some more little alpha stickers…

I decided to turn another of Heidi’s Sugar Chic Openables into a little mini album…I cut the pages down with pinking shears and attached some (more) baby photos of me with my parents to the smaller pages with glue…and few little embellishments and you have a darling little mini album!

The bottom of the inside front cover was really fun to put together…I used a Fotosleeve Mini, turned on it’s side, and adhered it to the bottom of my page…then I cut down the top flap, added some washi tape, added my photos and tags and punched little holes in the top and bottom so that I could add some ribbon and tie the photosleeve closed.

For the inside back cover of the Memory File, I used a Foto Stack (I removed the last two pages so that it fit well completely inside the File) filled with photos of the homes I had lived in as I grew up. Some Color Magic & Sugar Chic banners, as well as some Vintage Chic mini tags make these photos just perfect…

And for the bottom photos, I simply cut down a few coupon sleeves, sewed them together, and adhered them to the File…

I’m in awe of just how much information you can fit into one of these Memory Files…I’m not sure a single page will ever suffice again. I love that you can get a single event or an entire life documented all in the same place.

Whoah! is that amazing or what?!? thank you so much maggie for letting us ‘watch’ you grow up! i know this memory file will be a TREASURE for your kids & grandkids to come!

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