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memory file point charts!

memory file point charts!

I seriously can’t believe that I have been a mom for 14 years, and JUST NOW figured out the power of a ‘point chart’. We have had a couple little behavior issues lately and have been needing some extra motivation in the reading department. — So I took some cues from my sister’s methods and created some ‘charts’!

Yes, we have ‘chores’, but that is really more of a posted list of what the kids are expected to do, and the list itself has a lack of accountability. I was finding that we were all lacking in accountability (even moms need accountability! Or is that just me?)

SO, I decided to make up some ‘point charts’ of our own. One for Capri and one for Connor – and instead of posting them on the fridge, I decided it would be good to keep them in their room so that we can review the day right before bed.

Both of them have been so interested in my new products- so I let them each choose a ‘memory file’, and they were SO excited that they go to have their OWN! I adhered the chart inside the folder, and let them write their names on the labels. They were SO excited about it, and feel such an importance and responsibility for it.

I set it up for my kids to earn a special treat after receiving 100 points —  they can earn a possibility of 10 points a day. (They are each working for something different.)

I took Capri’s chart just one step further, she has a set of books that I’d like her to ‘pass off’ with me –so I wrote all the titles of the books, and she has been reading 3 of them each day to me… and then she’ll be ready to move onto the next set. She is loving being able to check them off, and seeing her own progress! I can’t tell you how excited about it I am!

It’s SO much easier for me to get Connor into the bath, and Capri to do her homework because they know they get a point? I am not sure how I have gone this many years without utilizing this concept!

Tonight Quincy (who is 10) came in and asked me to make her a point chart too! She had the zebra folder all picked out! This is brilliant! (now to make her an awesome point chart!)  Yet another thing that makes ‘memory files’ SO much fuN!

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