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memory file webshow recap – part 2

memory file webshow recap – part 2

Happy Friday! Welcome to the weekend! As promised… i am back with ‘part 2’ of my webshow recap!

I will tell you —  I haven’t won this many points with one of my projects for a LONG time! This Memory File is dedicated to my Quincy’s dance season.

Quincy is a happy, spunky and quite dedicated little lady. She is as genuine and enthusiastic as anyone that I have ever met! Dance is pretty much everything to her. She loves to perform—and loves to tumble… and is SUPER excited about this spring’s dance competitions. She has a total of 4 competition dances and I think…maybe 4 different competitions. This is my first ‘dance mom’ situation (do you watch that crazy show?)  — so I am just learning all about the competition dance world!

Since this is so important to her, I wanted (needed!) to somehow do it justice—to capture the whole thing! I took about a million photo this season! (I think that she looks darling, and I am so proud of her!)  The challenge was to create a Memory File to document an entire “SEASON” of something. Maybe it’s soccer, dance, basketball, rugby, swimming, baseball etc, etc. You are going somewhere each week to compete: same sport, same uniform/costume, same kids…different week. So the idea is to capture the big picture and the details — and specifically to capture the little things that make each week unique.

First of all: somehow you need to get the LOOK! For Quincy’s dance… her studio’s colors are Zebra and Purple.  I don’t have anything purple I my line, so I took a regular file folder and used my Tattered Angels mists (grape ape chalk and blitzen glimmer mist) to colorize the folder. I used 2 of the zebra file folders from my Sugar Chic line.

Second: you need to determine how you want to construct the file, more specifically how many pages/dividers you need to document the season. I used 2 folders to create 2 ‘spreads’. Watch the recorded version of the webshow to catch how exactly I constructed this.  I turned the zebra folders so the zebra is on the inside, and then adhered the 2 folders together, (helped that they were the same shape). Then I adhered my purple colorized folder around the outside of the zebras.

Third: I created some ‘home-made’ foto stacks to house TONS of photos!  Again, I do recommend that you check out the recording of the show, but I took 2 different colors of Bazzill cardstock (purples) and combined them with a piece of file folder, a couple sheet protectors and a piece of an actual foto stack from my line… and sewed it together. These  will accommodate upwards of 20 photos! How awesome.

Another option for adding extra flip up pages is to attach them into the file using a 2-piece paper fastener.

These opportunities for kids to be part of teams, whatever kind, are so important to their development in many ways. One thing that I think is amazing both for Quincy and my boys (they play for a local Rugby club), is I love seeing the bond that is formed throughout the club/studio. I love watching them cheering and supporting one another across various age groups.

I am also thankful and impressed by their individual growth and responsibility for their gear and keeping track of where they need to be and when. They have developed great friends and a real sense of being part of something. I just really want them to remember it!

Quincy has been showing everyone this Memory File, and she will love to look back on it! Next up, need to make some for the boys.

Ok… have a great weekend! Make pretty stuff!

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