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memory files as inspiration source

memory files as inspiration source

as a ‘creative’… I am constantly gathering inspiration from all kinds of places. i might see a cute ‘swim suit’ and it might inspire an idea for a  embellishment. I might see an ad in a magazine, or a certain photo, and it will spark an idea for a class project.  Store windows, and displays can give me a jump start on an episode for Create to Remember!

The ultimate source of inspiration? A deadline! Could be a birthday needing a thoughtful gift, a holiday needing some cute décor or  a big assignment (like guest designing for Studio Calico’s May kit). Inspiration is a funny thing- it can come from anywhere, and anything! it builds on itself; one cool idea can be added to another… and you just can’t really control it; sometimes it’s everywhere…and sometimes you are just stumped!

I love the solution that Larissa Albernaz came up with for keeping her SOURCES for inspiration corralled in lovely folders, and a beautiful box!  Don’t you just love to be surrounded by pretty things?

When Larissa submitted her project, she explained that Creativity and inspiration is something that is very important to her in her daily life. She wanted to create a place to organize her inspiration, and beautifully store her ideas. What could be better than turning to this colorful, inspiring place for ideas and a jump start for the creative process!

As you might guess, it just wouldn’t be quite as inspiring to open a box and see manilla folders!  🙂 Larissa went to work adding color, life and inspiring bits and pieces to my ‘Color Magic’ folders. She used all different kinds of medium (mists, glazes and pan pastels) as she experimented, and played to get different results!

She then broke her sources of inspiration down into a few different categories: sketches, favorite layouts, colors, textures, themes, and inspiration from other artists. She decorated a file for each category so she could easily slip magazine clippings, print outs any anything else that would help her get creative!

I love this idea… it’s EASY to add your inspiration to it. (to me organization has to be quick, and accessible). It is in itself, a creative journey- and one that will – no doubt- be a reflection of  its creator! To me, this is such a cool take on a type of ‘art journal FILE’ where you can combine TRYING, and creative PLAY, with STORING your ideas… and keeping them in constant circulation in your mind. That playfulness is refreshing, and total food for your creative soul!

Larissa… thank you for sharing your creative genius! I love seeing this through your eyes! And getting a peek into your own little Muse!

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