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memory files as scrapbook dividers

memory files as scrapbook dividers

If you don’t already frequent Melissa Stinson’s  “Scrappy Jedi” blog, you should add it to your blogroll. The girl is amazing! I love her work, and her personality! I was SUPER excited when she told me her concept for using Memory Files, and I couldn’t wait to see it!

Melissa has a very different take for using a Memory file: as a divider! Read on to see how she cleverly used a 3-ring converter piece, and even sewed a pocket around it! I am inspired for sure!

melissa stinson’s memory file project

I wanted to put the Memory File folders to work “out of the box” (pun intended) by actually incorporating them into a regular scrapbook album instead of using them in the Memory File box.

I started with a vacation album that I’ve slowly been adding layouts and pages and even full-size photos to over the course of the last year. One of the things I’ve been wanting to add to this 8-day documentation of our favorite vacation ever was some sort of divider to start off each day’s layouts that would also provide a place to store all that vacation “stuff” that gets picked up along the way- wrist bands, maps, tickets, receipts, etc.

Adding Memory File folders to a standard 3-ring scrapbook album is actually really easy. I used a special holder that’s made for adding catalogs and magazines to binders and just slipped it over the folder such that the folder’s spine bent over the holder. These holders should be available from most office supply stores (and I actually ordered mine from Amazon).

I also wanted to make a pocket to hold memorabilia inside the folder, but I didn’t want to attach it to either side of the folder (in order to leave more room for photos). Instead, I folded a 7.5×12 sheet of No Limits paper in half, with the inside tab of the magazine holder running along the inside edge of the folded paper. I then adhered and stitched the pocket in place around the holder, effectively creating a smaller “page” within the Memory File. I also punched a half-circle in the top of the pocket to make it easier to pull items out.

After creating the inner pocket, I added photos, journaling, and lots of fun Openables from the Memory File system to the folder, then simply slipped the whole thing right into my album.

The folder opens easily in the album, allowing access to all the interactive pieces inside.

I especially love this little notebook Openable! I filled it with journaling about our day’s adventures, and as you can see this little book holds quite a lot of writing!

The stamped images I added in the journaling Openable actually correspond to matching stamped images in the Foto Stack Openable, so as you read the journaling you can follow along with the matching photos.

I plan on making similar folders for each day of our trip using a Memory File folder, a Foto Stack or Foto Flipbook, and lots of Openables to give an overview of the happenings of that particular day. I can also see packing up a set of these folders and some of the journaling Openables to take with me on a trip in the future to start the documentation process while everything is still fresh and also have a place to corral memorabilia before coming back home.

Thank you so much Melissa! I loved having you as a guest designer here on my blog! your project rocks… when can I come over and see the WHOLE scrapbook??

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