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memory files : organize, display & ENJOY kiddie artwork!

memory files : organize, display & ENJOY kiddie artwork!

i am SO excited to share this project with you today… as it’s something that has totally been on my mind:  documenting, saving and storing Kid’s Art!  it’s SO sweet… and PROLIFIC!  Kim’s teacher heart, and mom of an arty craft loving kid is the perfect one to turn to for just such a challenge! … i’ll let Kim tell you all about it!

children’s artwork memory file

My five year old son is one crafty kid. Just like his mum, he spends most of his spare time drawing, painting or cutting and pasting.  I have piles and piles of his ARTWORK in boxes, on the fridge and around the house. I needed a way to keep it all under control. The perfect solution was of course using a Memory file to sort and store it all.

I don’t keep everything of course. I keep his favourites and pieces that I feel are important in showing his developing skills. For some I use my iphone camera and take photos to also keep a record. I have recently discovered the iphone App ARTKIVE which stores photos of your child’s artwork in order, the photos can be tagged with name, grade and date uploaded, what a fabulous way to preserve artwork digitally!

When I set about creating my Art Memory file I broke it down into several categories which worked for me. Stay with me as I explain each section in more detail….

i start with no limits ….

I started with a NO Limits Memory File,  creating the cover with a small drawing of my son’s, then I layered some embellishments over a Photo Caption. Do you see that bright pop of yellow in the embellishment cluster…I have used a Color Magic tag with the new Color Shine mist in mustard…so divine. I also misted some Resist Chipboard alphas in various Color Shine mist colors and added a layer of glossy accents to really make them shine.  That banner is a digital download part of the No limits banner set.

When you see the first part of my folder open you  start to see some of the ways I have categorised my son’s art work. I created a little mini foldout with two pockets to house my iphone photos, this is a great way to preserve bulky 3D items that cannot be stored in a folder (this is held together snugly with two mini magnets.).

I needed a way to store some bulkier items such as a bead bracelet he made me,  so I gently pulled one of the sleeves from the Photosleeve Mini and popped the bracelet in, I attached the sleeve to my folder with washi tape.

Throughout the art folder you will notice some small banners with words on them, these were created using some of Heidi’s digital word downloads, in this case the adjectives set. I printed these out onto a piece of Vintage Chic Bookbinding pattern paper and then cut into banners.

next i added vintage chic …

Next I added in a Vintage Chic Mini Memory File, this time to store some photos I took of some artwork he had completed at school. I kept this cover quite simple, splashing on some tinsel and chartreuse Color Shine then lining up a photo and Definition stickers.  Once I had printed off several photos, I punched a hole,  added a large jump ring and added another misted Color Shine tag before attaching them to the Mini Memory File.

Another fun iphone App I have found is Paint Sparkles. Both my sons love drawing with it, I captured some favourite drawings by taking a screen shot of these and then printing them off on my computer. I have displayed these photos in some small plastic sleeves I have had for a few years, the perfect size.

and finished with more no limits ….

Lastly I used another No Limits Memory File to store the larger pieces of art work. I simply placed these pieces into some A4  plastic sleeves the added them into the folder. On some of my favourite pieces  I added in some homemade banners. I can continue to add to this over the year by adding more plastic sleeves to the folder.

artwork display board

What do you do though when your child comes home from school  with an AWESOME piece of art work that you are not ready to store yet in your Memory File?

Display it (of course) with a home made display board!

Here’s how I made mine. I went to the dollar store and bought a cheap cookie tray. My dad then drilled two holes in one end and I went ahead and spray painted the tray using several coats of paint. Once dry I tied on some seam binding that I had misted in chartreuse Color Shine to allow me to hang it up. I also misted some Resist Chipboard Alphas, covered them with glossy accents and attached them with foam tape to the bottom of my tray.

I found this mini clipboard, I partially covered it in some No Limits 6×6  pattern paper and also attached this with foam tape to the tray. To personalise the tray for my son I used a photo in a Mini Instaframe and a No Limits pennant and a Disco arrow. You will see in the final photo what it looks like without a piece of artwork.

Have I inspired you to dig through those piles or kids artwork and sort them (I know you all have them) I hope so, I would love for you to share your art folders over on the Facebook Page… cheers for now.

KIM! i am SO in love with this gorgeous and highly FUN-CTIONAL project… thanks for being so FABULOUS!!:)

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