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memory keeping in REAL TIME!

memory keeping in REAL TIME!

i love memories. yes… all those quotes that cycle through Pinterest about living that moment again and again… yes… that is why i LOVE memories! i have been a “memory keeper” (scrapbooker) for as long as i can remember. and it’s true… usually you document the high points! right? i mean no one pulls out the camera when everyone is in a big fight! but also, we usually don’t need help remembering things that go horribly wrong. in fact, our brains are better at remembering negative memories, and not as good as remembering the good stuff! however, good AND bad, it all kinda ‘mushes’ together… it becomes a big BLUR! am i right?  in fact, if i were to ask you about last week, or last month… you could tell me a few highlights, but the details of your day become a little LOST. that is until you look through your camera roll, or maybe even your instagram feed, then suddenly… those little details, your memories, begin to be reconstructed. 


this is why i LOVE my Memory Planner.  today i want to explain what i mean by capturing your memories, your life… in REAL TIME! first of all… look at that adorableness! i will admit i LOVE all of the pretty pieces! i love the sparkly alphabets, and cheerful stripes!! and these new embellishment kits? just delightful! and even though all of the embellishments and accessories make me so happy… that is not why i love the MEMORY PLANNER!

i love remembering.


the typical purpose of a planner is to write down your commitments, and to do lists so you can keep track of everything that needs to happen on a certain day.


you might even like to turn to a new month and fill in the upcoming important dates, and special events. these basic functions are helpful in getting organized, and staying on track everyday. a “MEMORY PLANNER” just takes things a little further, and takes what you are already writing, documenting and doing… and naturally creates what i like to call a “micro journal”.


this is an excerpt of my Memory Planner from a recent family camping trip in Lake Powell. you can see here that even though during those days there was no commitments or appointments, i still filled in those days with stories and little photos. these little bits and pieces help my brain to reconnect with the full memories of these events!

even just little notes about events and happenings are enough to jog your memory enough, and instantly you REMEMBER what was going on… and this will in fact STOP THE BLUR!

if i was to ask you what you were doing the first week of February, my guess is that it would be really hard to remember exactly what was going on at that time… i can promise you that i wouldn’t be able to remember without the help of my Memory Planner!


of course the second that i turned to that first week of feb. and read through even my very first entry, i immediately remembered the goals that i was working on and the projects that i was executing! the little things i wrote down took me back, and my memory was clear!



sometimes stuff happens that is so significant that you think you could never possibly forget! this was the week that Colton got his mission call to Japan! it was SO EXCITING to finally know where he would be serving! because that was such a huge highlight… i almost forgot about all the other stuff that was going on. as i was reading through my notes i was reminded of several things i had ALREADY forgotten and this was just a little over a month ago.


true confessions: i love making the “monthly” and “weekly” views in my planner look pretty! that is just one of those things that makes me happy:). i like to include stickers, washi tape, alphabet stickers and yes… i have a favorite pen… and i like to mix up my handwriting just a little. for the most part – having the information there is more important to me than how it looks.


as a scrapbooker… it usually take months, (or even years) to get around to documenting a certain photo. during the time between when the event actually takes place and the time that you sit down to actually document — some of those valuable details have already been forgotten… but if you take the time on a daily or weekly basis to make little notes and lists you can easily remember even the tiniest of details!  maybe it’s just a set of bullet points that jog your memory enough so that all the details start to come back!

memory keeping then happens as life happens!

memory keeping in real time!  maybe some of the events that are documented in your Memory Planner won’t ever be highlighted on a scrapbook page or in a photo-filled mini album… but here in your notes, the memory won’t be forgotten! i promise, you will absolutely LOVE looking back, and reading over your crazy days! you will laugh and cry… you will shake your head at some of the ridiculous things that happen, and you will give silent prayers of gratitude for the many, many blessings that seem so insignificant at the time, but the reality is… that is the good stuff: the stuff that your life is made of! 


i will be completely honest with you… my work space NEVER looks this clean and nice! i manage to make a HUGE mess even when i am just adding tidbits into my planner. but that is what i love. your Memory Planner can be what is best for you! maybe you keep it very simple with organized lists, and clean notes! maybe your Memory Planner is full of photos and actually becomes a scrapbook all on it’s own!? whatever you do, how you choose to fill your Memory Planner is for you! it’s to celebrate your beautiful life! all of it. the ups and the downs… the miracles and the disappointments.  this is your journey! capture it! love it! remember it! 



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