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May Memory Planner I @lindsaybateman for @heidiswapp


Hello everyone and hello June 1st! I love the possibility of a fresh month, don’t you? I love that a new month means fresh new pages await to be filled in my Memory Planner.  It seems like with each passing month, I always learn something new when it comes to Memory Planning.  It could be a new idea, new technique, or just something I want to simply improve on when it comes to capturing life in my planner.  Regardless, as I look back on the year so far and what I have completed one thing is for certain…I am SO GRATEFUL for what is recorded down on paper.  There is so much I would have forgotten otherwise.

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Today I am going to share a little up close and personal inside peek into where May took us this year.  I always love the month of May.  The trees start to bud, the sun shines brighter with each passing day and we are just that much closer to summer.  Bring it ALL on!

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My main Memory Planner for 2017 is this 6×8 LOVE TODAY planner.  I chose this one for many reasons, my top ones being the size (I LOVE 6×8) and the weekly page layout design.  I love how this particular planner enables me just a little bit more real estate when it comes to adding in my photos and notes.

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The clear monthly dividers are also a favourite.  I love how my dashboard page peeks through.

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For me, a dashboard page is ALWAYS home to a favourite quote, a favourite photo and either a “to-do” list, or a goal list.  It kind of sets the tone for the month.  Sometimes I will work on this page last when I am finishing up the month and other times I will try and have it completed by the first week.  Regardless I always love to just have this space serve as a positive reminder and motivational tool.  Kind of like my own planner “vision board”.

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I am SO proud of myself as I have been getting better at completing and filling in my monthly calendar spreads!  Again…I am SO happy that I did!  I just love how these calendars look as they get filled with all of the little moments that make up ordinary life.

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By no means is our life super exciting in any way haha, but when you jot it down on paper with some stickers, stamping and washi it just ends up looking a whole lot more fabulous!  The regular routines of groceries, appointments and soccer practices are not just as “routine” as one might think in the end when they are glammed up in a planner.  😉

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As I was saying before, this particular planner has really beautiful page layouts for the weekly spread.

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The columns are larger which has allowed me to really focus on detailed journaling and my photos.  Even though yes, technically this is a “planner”, for me it is always more like a life diary.  Truly capturing the notes and details of our everyday.  This week in particular captured my son’s first ever soccer practice, 32 weeks in my pregnancy, doctor appointment details, celebrating warmer weather and pizza night at my parents house!

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I also love the binder rings in this planner.  It allows for so much more customization and flexibility when creating and designing one’s pages.

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For instance, upcoming this week was Mothers Day.  I wanted to take a few photos this week with my sweet boy acknowledging not only Mothers Day itself, but the fact that the time that it is just him and I coming to close.  Soon there will be a baby in the house, he will be the big brother and another journey will begin.

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So what I did to incorporate some extra Instax photos was place them on a transparency Memory Planner Divider.  I love that not only can I still see the remainder of my week by adding in this divider, it holds my photos perfectly as I just adhered them back to back.

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Transparencies and transparent dividers are awesome additions for Memory Planners!

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Wrapping up the month, I really focused on more journaling and photos.  Most of the photos in my planner are candids printed from my iPhone using the ZINK printer.  I love that I can make them small enough so that I can include them all and not have to sacrifice on the story.

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If you look closely you will even see I added in some new Heidi Swapp Stationery that is setting VERY soon. Yay!

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Thank you so much for stopping by today to check out how my Memory Planner is unfolding. Remember, this planner as well as the rest of the 2017 Memory Planner collection can be found at select JoAnn Stores as part of the HS Boutique aisle! 🙂

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Life is a wild ride…and thank goodness for Memory Planners to capture it! Happy June everyone! 🙂

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