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merry christmas

merry christmas

There is nothing like Christmas morning! Img_2516
It’s just so exciting.. and we  love to torture the kids by coming up w/ every excuse not to get right to the presents… like putting on music… and having to brush teeth, and change diapers for babies… and get a bottle for connor, and then making them open their stockings one at a time! Youngest first! Lol… it’s funny each year how bad everyone looks in Christmas moring photos cause we all have the bed-head, puffy eye thing going on. but usually you can make up for it w/ cute Christmas eve PJ’s…but i totally forgot about that until it was actually christmas eve, and they didn’t have any cute matching, photo friendly PJ’s going. it turned out to be fine, as all 3 of the older kids and Eric crashed out on the couch about 9:30pm and slept there all night! So not only did we have classic bed head, we had…wearing-the-same-clothes-as-yesterday thing happenig!

I forgot how much fun toddlers are on Christmas morning. With the bigger kids, they just want to move onto the next gift… but if it were up to Capri… she didn’t want to have to move on! She loved it all!! And she would get soo excited: clapping and screaming and dancing. And she has some sweet moves! Seems like there were a lot of things for her to dance to! The kids got a wii…boys got myachis (if anyone in your household got a myachi… you can see them do tons of tricks and see what it’s all about online. there are a few different sites that have littel video clips and stuff on how to do it etc.) and a electronic keyboard (q is taking piano lessons), there were various toys that have loud annoying music, but watching her dance, dance, dance… totally made it worth it!
This year, we had ‘virtual’ Christmas  with our families over video chat! That was awesome… Img_2539_2
it was ALMOST as good as being there! Now if we
could just figure out how to digitally transport ourselves… like star trek.. that would be perfect! 
Eric totally surprised me this year. I didn’t need anything…or ask for anything… but one of the things I guess Img_2563
I complain about is not having my kitchen aid… i mean, it’s not pink, but turns out, I use it all the time, and I have been Img_2592
missing it. and I wanted to try to make cinnamon rolls, but you have to have a real mixer. SO… he found out where to get one, from like a restaurant supply place. It’s a totally heavy duty, hard core mixer… industrial type. I was totally laughing. He won for super thoughtful gift! So I am going to attempt sweet rolls this week! (wish me luck).
After we were all done w/ presents, and chatting, and cleaned up a bit, we went to hang out at some friends’ home for the afternoon… it was so nice just to kick back, eat some yummy food.. and they have a sweet set up for watching movies, so we watched “Son’s of Provo”… it’s a satirical movie about a mormon boy band, filmed in that ‘documentary/interview’ style like “Best in show” and “the Office”… it was pretty funny, cause one of the main characters (a guy) works in a scrapbook store in Provo.  So funny. Img_2606

I took a minute to photograph our Christmas card… as I was planning what I wanted to do, I wanted it to ‘chinese-y’…and Christmassy. I had planned on using a photo that was taken the morning of the first snowfall (only snowfall) this season at the ‘Summer Palace’. So, I had something all worked out, but then decided that what I was planning would take up too much of my precious ink and cardstock resources. SO I had to re-think. I needed to come up w/ something that I could get here… something that would be interesting.. this is what I came up with.
I bought a bunch of ‘tourist maps’ (nevermind that they are the Chinese version: no English). I made a band to go around the map that said: ‘walking in a BEJING wonderland”Img_2636
… on the inside, I adhered a little letter, Img_2637
and a bunch of photos that had been taken while we have been here, and stuck those on the map in the close-to-geographically-correct places where the photos were taken. I got a little carried away, and wound up w/ 10 photos on the inside of the map. Then it worked out to have Kylee take them to my mom, who took care of the distribution! (thanks to you both!) Making and receiving Christmas cards is my favorite tradition. Right up there with the pink trees. i always have so much fun putting them together!
Enjoy your Christmas week! Be safe… have fun… stay up late… make it a Christmas to remember!

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