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Happy Friday friends and welcome to a fun and simple tutorial on how you can use the fabulous Minc Foil Transfer Medium on your projects.  Remember, what I am sharing with you all today is just ONE way of many you can use this product.  Once you master the basics, the world is truly your creative oyster when using this medium.

For this project I began with a piece of random chipboard from my stash.  I used butterfly die cuts to create some chipboard butterflies.  You can use any dies with this technique.

To apply the medium to these chipboard pieces, I simply applied a small dollop onto a non stick craft mat and using a makeup sponge, dabbed a small amount onto the sponge.

I then sponged or ‘dabbed’ medium onto the entire chipboard piece.  You do not need a thick coat of medium. It will soak up nicely into the chipboard.  Remember to let the medium fully dry before moving onto the foil, which will be our next step.

Once dry now on to the Minc.

Set the Minc Machine to heat setting 5 and once green it is ready for the chipboard peices.

Apply your desired colour of foil on top and place through the Minc.  The medium will react both with the heat and the foil applying seamless coverage onto the chipboard pieces.

How about that shine and seamless coverage?  The chipboard takes the medium beautifully and makes the die cuts just pop.  This is such a fun and creative option to have when wanting to work with die cuts.  Adding the foil is such a fun option.

I used my foiled die cut butterflies to embellish and customize one of the brand new Storyline Chapters inserts.  I love how they pop off the cover and just add such beautiful dimension and shine.

They look so pretty, you must try out this technique!

Happiest Friday friends and I hope you enjoyed this fun and simple way to take embellishments to the ‘minc’ level.

Supplies: Minc Foil Transfer Medium; Storyline Chapters Notebooks

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