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Minc It Monday | Gift Bags

DIY Foiled Gift Bags using the @heidiswapp Minc by @createoften

Minc It Monday | Gift Bags

It is that time of year where I start preparing gifts that I can give my bible study group, teachers, or co-workers. Small, quick, assembly style gifts are easy to create. In the past years I have created snow globes, lip balm, leather bracelets, and rings. This year, I thought it would be a fun idea to take small muslin loose leaf tea bags and run them through the Minc. These bags could be used to hold any small gift, but they fit handmade soaps perfectly!

DIY Foiled Gift Bags using the @heidiswapp Minc by @createoften

To create these foiled bags you will need:

Muslin drawstring bags (loose leave tea bags are found at natural food stores or if you know how to sew, create them yourself)

Minc Reactive Mist

Minc Reactive Foil

Minc Foil Applicator Machine

Minc Non-Stick Craft Mat

DIY Foiled Gift Bags using the @heidiswapp Minc by @createoften

Mist your bags. Lay your bags on a non-stick craft mat and lightly mist the bags. The Minc Reactive Mist gets very tacky so make sure your work space is covered. Let it dry over night.

Cut a piece of the Non-Stick Craft Mat to size. The non-stick craft mat will make sure that the bag doesn’t stick to itself when in the Minc. Cut a piece to fit inside the bag and place it inside the bag. If the bag has stuck to itself over night, pull it apart carefully, first. It will foil just the same.

DIY Foiled Gift Bags using the @heidiswapp Minc by @createoften

Cover the entire bag with foil. No matter if you just sprayed one side of the bag, the other side could have some mist on it. Cover the entire bag with foil. I used two different colors for more interest!

Run it through the Minc on heat setting 3. Make sure the bags you use have thin drawstrings made from thread or twine. This way it will run through the Minc perfectly. Hide loose threads inside the bag so they do not get foiled or jam the machine.

If you follow me on Instagram, sometimes I have behind the scenes crafting sessions. Last week I shared how I made these and I wanted to share that session with you! Click play below to watch!



To find all these Minc supplies, check select Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft stores or find them online here.

DIY Foiled Gift Bags using the @heidiswapp Minc by @createoften

Supplies | Heidi Swapp Minc Foil Applicator Machine, Minc Reactive Mist, Minc Reactive Foil, and Minc Non-Stick Craft Mat


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