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Heidi Swapp Minc It Monday

Minc It Monday | Stamping on Memory Dex Cards

Welcome to a fresh new edition of Minc It Monday.


Heidi Swapp Minc It Monday


New MINC product is arriving in stores and with that a whole lot of fresh ideas for creating and crafting with the MINC Collection.

Today I want to share with you three ways to use the new Toner Ink and Stamp Pad on MemoryDex cards.

This project needs the Minc Machine
Minc Toner Ink
Minc Toner Stamp Pad
MemoryDex Dies
craft plastic
Art Walk Pattern Paper
Art Walk Clear Stamps

The new MINC products are arriving in independent and online stores now and coming to JOANN stores! Gather those supplies and take a watch at this technique video:



Now that you have an idea how to use the new Toner Ink on different mediums, I want to show you how you can take those techniques and display them with other embellishments to create inspiring MemoryDex card additions for your MemoryDex Spinner.


Heidi Swapp Minc It Monday


The first card stamp technique was using craft plastic to hold the palm frond image. Creating motifs around the clear MemoryDex Card it was then foiled with Light Pink Foil. With that clear dimension layered on the Art Walk Pattern Paper the card was simply finished with notched pattern paper tags as well as a Definitions Sticker stapled to the top.


Heidi Swapp Minc It Monday


The vellum stamped card created a very soft image against the pattern of another piece of Art Walk Paper. The Champagne and Light Pink layered foil plays nicely with the ‘be you’ Color Fresh Clear Sticker. Adding a bit of Washi plus some Art Walk Pattern Paper die cut in an additional palm frond creates another beautiful MemoryDex Card to add to the collection.


Heidi Swapp Minc It Monday


Lastly was the Art Walk Pattern Paper and some texture stamping on the edge. Again, double color foil is all the rage on this card. That Live In The Moment is a real sentiment for me right now. That tag is part of a cut-away piece of pattern paper from the Art Walk Paper Line. Trimmed away from it’s 12×12 home it was popped up on this MemDex card. Addtional die cut leaves were tucked behind to make for a great dimensional card that has Minc Toner Ink and Foil as it’s foundation.


Follow the instructions in the video. Pull out different paper mediums. Stamp. Create. and play with all the ideas this Minc It Monday post can inspire.


Supplies |Heidi Swapp Minc Collection: Minc Toner Ink, Minc Stamp Pad, Minc Stamping Kit;

Heidi Swapp Art Walk Collection, Heidi Swapp MemoryDex Collection