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Minc Technique in Storyline Chapters

Minc Technique In Heidi Swapp Storyline Chapters

Minc Technique in Storyline Chapters

Today’s Minc It Monday is brought to you by Minc + Foil (of course) + Minc Texture Paste. And Storyline Chapters.


How to use MINC Texture Paste by Jamie Pate for @heidiswapp



I have an entire list of techniques I would love to try inside my current Storyline Chapters Journaler. One of them was to use the Minc, Minc Texture Paste, and foil a quote. But to get it into the Journaler, well, that would require another technique altogether.



With the Minc in the house, I went to work creating a stencil quote of sorts in my digital cutting machine. Using the Texture Paste to apply the image through the stencil onto vellum, I then needed to add the page into my Journaler.

Watch this video to see how this Minc Technique came to be in my Journaler:



The sewing machine came in clutch to add this Minc Surface Pad Vellum into my Storyline Chapters Journaler.

Tearing out two pages of the journaler, I then sandwiched the foiled vellum in between those two pages. And then sewed the vellum so that the pages would hold it in place just like a regular page.



Keeping the sewing machine out I added in the tab on the edge.



Turning the vellum page is a non-photo spread about Fighting For the Joy. Creating these embellished pages with quotes and reminders helps me to mediate on the subject at hand. Joy. Fighting for the joy is just what is at hand right now. Creative exercises like this, pushing my brain to make an idea work, helps me to find accomplishment, which is it’s own sort of joy.



Try this:  Stay home. And stay creative. Is there a subject you need to focus and meditate on? Cut out and make a stencil. Texture Paste it to vellum. Foil the page. And add to your album or Storyline Chapters Journaler.



Heidi Swapp Minc Collection available at JoAnn Stores: Minc Machine, Minc Surface Paper Pad, Minc Texture Paste, Minc Iridescent Foil

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