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Hello everyone.

Welcome to a fun post all about the Minc Toner Ink and a fun little side kick called the Minc Brayer.

When I say “side kick”, I say this because it really is a wonderful tool that makes using the Minc Toner Ink just that much better. You may have seen this little tool next to the Minc Toner Ink if you are perusing your local JoAnn or JoAnn online…and now here is a little insider info on how they make the best duo.

Aside from the traditional “stamp pad” method, this brayer enables quick and efficient toner ink application.  It also yields fabulous results.

Watch my video tutorial below to see just how easy it is.  I used this stamp set, the Minc Pineapple Crush set to create some fun foiled designs for a summer inspired card.

This really is a great method in using this toner ink.  I definitely highly recommend grabbing a brayer.  It is a wonderful hack and way to achieve beautiful foiled results with minimal to no waiting time.  I also suggest snagging yourself a non stick craft mat, such as this one that I used in my video.

Essentially, free pour a small amount onto a craft mat and immediately run your brayer through the ink to obtain a good coverage on the brayer roller.  Take that brayer and roll ontop of your desired stamp and stamp down onto nice smooth white card stock.  This will give you that flawlessly smooth foiling we all know and love.  Once dry take your stamped images and on heat setting 5 run them through the Minc with your desired foil colour.  And be prepared to be amazed!

The brayer and toner ink are truly a perfect match and so fun to use together.

I hope you enjoyed this little insider tip and trick. Once you start you will be amazed at just how easy it is.

Till next time friends.

Supplies: Minc Brayer; Minc Toner Ink; Pineapple Crush Minc Stamp Set

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