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Mini Album as a Gift Idea | Care Free Collection

Mini Album as a Gift Idea | Care Free Collection

mini albums make the best gifts



I have long been a member of the idea of making and giving. I believe those of us who practice our creativity have a unique opportunity  to then bless others with those creative gifts. These gifts are even more special in that we crafted an idea in our minds. We organized (in this case) photos that tell a story. Then we made the gift item with that soul in mind. It’s an intertwined activity for the maker to be involved in.



With holidays and fall birthdays on my calendar, I think it’s safe to say the making season has begun. This one is starting with this mini album I created with a particular family member in mind. I am primarily using the Care Free 12×12 Project Pad. Along with that I am also using the smaller project pad, Care Free Washi Tape, and then some of the Care Free Tags.



Using THIS idea for a mini album that I shared a few weeks back, I went to crafting these pages seen here in this post using that back to back album method in the video linked here in this paragraph. The photos are 3×4. The goal of this photo mini album, however, was to make sure that each of the photos were easy to remove from the pages.



Seen here on this page is a 4×3 inch photo. I used a strip of vellum to help ‘hold’ the photo in place. The recipient can now just pull that photo out if they desire. I figured it was a great way to showcase these wedding photos (and again these can be any photos) + a safe way to be able to mail them as well.



So what’s the inspiration here today?

To get the making season started. To inspire a gift album idea with photos for your recipient. As well as to make pretty stuff with pretty stuff, like all the Care Free seen here.


You can find the Care Free Collection from Heidi Swapp HERE at JoAnn Stores.

author: Jamie Pate




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